Have advances in technology improved our lives or are we becoming too dependent?

  • Technology has improved our lives, which trumps any dependency, because the benefits are priceless.

    Technology has improved our lives. I am old enough to remember thirteen inch black and white TVs, vinyl records, and party-line telephones. I also remember cars getting 8 MPG acceptably. The Internet has enriched our lives almost unimaginably. Through the Internet, we can shop worldwide. A cell phone battery that costs over $50 locally is available online for $17, plus $5 shipping. The information available online is priceless.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • Yes.

    I don't even know my mom's phone number from memory. And millions of people, don't even know how to work an encycolopedia anymore. I mean why use a dictonary, when we can just google it?

  • I think we have become overly dependent on technology, and it is isolating us from each other.

    While technology has improved our lives, we are becoming more and more dependent upon it. More and more people are relying on information from the Internet, relying on AI and smartphones, and I see more and more people becoming isolated from each other because of a false sense of connection, due to social media. If we have a major black-out or world crisis, it will be interesting to see how people survive without their technology.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • Too Much Technology

    While I love my phone and Internet, I grew up as a normal child without these things, working for what I wanted. Kids nowadays grow up on technology, missing out on the fun times playing make-believe and such in their backyards and giggling. Fun is essential for kids, and as fun as the Internet can be, it just isn't the same as growing up in my age, begging for more than an hour of cartoons.

  • We are dependent in technology

    Because many people....Use technology now a days...Instead of talking to other people.. They prefer to stay at home and play or do face book in their PC chat through phones or listen music through air phone....Many people think that they cant do anything without their phones or say that their life is boring without technology

  • How we use technology, That is the key

    Technology was created to improve our lives. Nothing is created to hinder the maker. With technology, we can communicate quickly, across continents, all with just a single click. This is done with the internet, a great aspect of technology. Technology has definitely improved our lives, this is because of the various aspects of it: cars, internet, phones. Will anyone doubt that these devices have improved our lives? Technology is just THERE, it is how we use it. IF we use it daily, use the internet daily, use it until the point of addiction, of course technology has helped to make us dependent, but the key factor that has made us dependent is ourselves. We do not blame fire for being hot, much like we should not blame technology for our own lack of discipline. Technology improves our lives, it can also hinder it, but how we use technology is the key.

  • Technology is better than books

    Technology has really improved our lives. Today everything is possible just because of technology. Today we are modern people and we know more about technology. If technology did not exist, today in our house, no computer no telephone nor mobile phone! What would have happened? I thank those who have said yes that technology is better and those who have said no, please think again on this matter.
    Thank you.

  • Connected and Improved our world

    Phones and the internet connect us to people thousands of miles away and have connected people together and widened our view on things and made information more accessible to people. Technology makes life easier and has saved lives through technological medical advances. You may think we are becoming too dependent on it and i agree but that may be a good thing because that's the way our world seems to be advancing now and that is in technology.

  • It is making Easy.

    Were in way too deep We spend all of our lives surrounded by technology, technology not just being tv's and xboxes. We depend on cars, planes trains fortransportation. We also rely advancements in weponry to keep our country safe. We revolve around technology, it has improved our lives greatly, but i think we depend on it too much.

  • Were in way too deep

    We spend all of our lives surrounded by technology, technology not just being tv's and xboxes. We depend on cars, planes trains fortransportation. We also rely advancements in weponry to keep our country safe. We revolve around technology, it has improved our lives greatly, but i think we depend on it too much.

  • Technology Has Replaced Almost Everything

    Technology is in everything and everywhere. It's in your house, your school, in stores, and even at the park. It's in your shower, in your sprinklers, in your ceiling fans and of course in your iPods, T.V.'s, computers and laptops and smartphones.

    We use some form of technology in almost everything we do, yet we've never noticed.
    You cook on a stove, right? Warm up something in the microwave? You have both a cold and a hot water tap. You drive or ride in a car, don't you? Technology is all around us.

    Technology has replaced things like books and magazines. It's also replaced CDs, tapes, and records. Heck, it's even replaced tape and glue! Now, everything is done digitally. Even shopping!

    All this time we spend online or in front of the T.V. etc., is unhealthy. Things like staying on the computer for long periods of time can rewire your brain, and cause depression.

    This is not living. To live is to explore the world around us. To live is to take risks and do something dangerous. To live is to go outside and run around in your sprinklers. To live is to stand outside your lover's window while throwing rocks at it. To live is to go out with friends to actually SHOP. To live is to splurge on little things like dinner at a fancy restaurant.

    This is not living. Turn off your device. Go outside.


  • Dependence on technology erodes community.

    Online and offline, when it comes to computers, phones and other such devices, you have created the potential for major distraction and danger. Distraction in the sense that one can spend too much time or too much energy trying to better yourself (often against others) through the technology you have. If you're focusing on how to help others, not on how many more gigabytes you can download with a certain machine, you can be a society that prides practical support for each over personal security in any virtual world. Danger in the sense that not everything you can encounter through technology is going to be of use to your well-being and/or, by extension, others. Take any of the porn, alcohol or drug industries. Previously these had a much more limited influence. Now you can access them simply through a click. Community requires effort, and if you want your society to improve itself, it should have to put in an effort to help one another. Using these tools together, and not letting yourselves get sidetracked by their other purposes help you to be independent. You also want to stop society abusing itself because it can. Technological devices can be useful, but from a spiritual perspective, one has to take care of how they are used for everyone to benefit.

  • Too dependent on what?

    I'm too dependent on my lungs to provide me with oxygen. If I got rid of them, I could be more self-sufficient.

    Same idea with technology.

  • There will not always be electrical supply.

    One day we will run out of natural resources, which means that we will run out of electrical supplies. Then what will happen? No one will be able to take care of themselves because they have been relying on technology too much. People are so obsessed with their phones that they text someone in the same room. Kids lose their chance to play outside and enjoy childhood because they are always watching TV. Being too dependent on technology can even cause health problems.

  • Each generation is becoming dumber.

    We are dependent especially on technology. Why on earth would children need iPads or iPhones? It is absurd how much America depends on technology. Each generation is just becoming dumber and dumber. Children are not developing proper skills, and it's truly sad to see how much society is deeming as "okay". No one has any self respect anymore. This world is truly turning into Idiocracy or Wall-e. Seriously, it's sad.

  • too dependant

    My butt...

    We created things to make life easier. What's wrong with that?

    Posted by: TUF
  • Yes we are becoming technology dependent.

    We are becoming too dependent on technology. People losing there jobs, the difference in peoples writing and socially awkwardness from others. People lose jobs because there is a machine that does the same as an employee. You can notice that in our penmanship, we were writing in cursive and now we have created new words like "wtf" and "ttyl" these new text scriptures are lazier and abbreviated than cursive. Socially awkwardness is from twitter and Facebook. People barely use the telephone anymore to speak to there friends and family. We are becoming more and more isolated as well as dependent on technology to take care of our inconveniences. When in reality, people don't see that what is convenient, may be or become too convenient.

  • Technology is destroying the minds of younger generations.

    I am a 15 year old in middle school. Even I have notice how computers, games, and even TV's have been doing it for us all. Kids start to become fat and lazy, soon forget good manners when asked to do something, but most of all throw a tantrum when asked to get off their technological advances. Its making them moodier and even dumber. Schools are even starting to join in the advancement. Instead of reading books for an assignment or going through textbooks to learn a subject, teachers are putting on movies of the books or lesson to "help" them learn. Its destroying us, and making us undependable people, kids and adults. America needs to realize this, because the sooner the better.

  • We are getting to sucked in to the technical world.

    People today use technology for a lot more than they realize. The average person is on an technical device for 2-4 hours, and they are going to be completely lost without it. What happens if we lose technology for a long period of time? People will wish that they paid more attention to this major argument that we have been having for a long time.

  • Modern advancements are destroying lives.

    Modern advancements have created among us caber bullying. Because of that many people are dying, this digital world is just another problem more for the people to worry about. I believe that we may be more safe if the people would just stop with the modern advancements, it could make a great change among us.

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Quan says2013-06-07T16:16:29.163
We have always depended on technology. If our ancestors hadn't developed tools, they would have been prey rather than predators. We may not even exist.
Anonymous says2013-06-28T07:50:52.757
I want to know how can technology improve but our health is not affected by it.
Anonymous says2013-09-13T15:15:39.780
It's to late. Without technology we will all die. It runs our world