Have all the recent presidents failed at taking contraol of immigration?

  • Yes, immigration has been a growing problem.

    While recent presidents have talked tough about immigration during elections and debates, none have taken thorough action on a long-term resolution. Instead, they have put temporary band-aids on the problem and evaded engaging across the aisle for a more permanent fix. The fact that immigration continues to escalate shows no one has taken control.

  • Both sides have failed

    Both sides of our government have failed. The right has failed to find a way to effectively stop illeagal immigration, while the left has failed to help find easier paths to citizenship for those who wish to become Americans. All recent politicans, both presidents and congressmen are to blame for this.

  • Yes, I believe they have.

    If any of them had actually put a plan in place and a path to citizenship that wasn't filled with tons of red tape, then we would not have the problems that we are seeing now. We should have better boarder control and an easier process for deportation when it's needed.

  • Yes Failed Miserably

    Yes all the recent Presidents have failed miserably at taking control of immigration. Considering as of March 2009 (the most recent statistics I could find for free) we had 11.1 million illegal immigrants and I see nothing showing that number going lower it is safe to say that all the recent Presidents have done a terrible job when it comes to immigration reform.

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