Have America lost the true meaning of the American Dream?

Asked by: JohnYang
  • It's Now Lost

    America has lost the meaning of the American Dream. I have seen a meme that has been passed around the internet that said that the new American Dream is to have Obama resign. That one meme has made me quite disappointed. There were two main reasons. One of the reasons is because most of us don't understand the hardship of being a President and when the President makes a choice he tries to make it for the best of all. The other reason is that they used that as an American Dream. Thus that has made me believe that America has lost the American Dream and does not understand its true meaning. Please share your thoughts and thank you.

    -John Yang

  • I would say so

    I would argue that the American dream, if it ever really existed, is truly lost now. The business world is controlled by mega-corporations and conglomerates, owned by the top of the top 1%. Over 14 million Americans live below the poverty line, and the middle class is disappearing. So yes, I would say that America is currently losing the true meaning of the American Dream.

  • No it is not lost

    No the American Dream is not lost. Opportunities still exist but no it is not going to be handed to you on a silver platter. You got to work hard, seek it and go after it. America is at the state it is in because more and more people feels entitled to things they didn't earn. No, minimum wage job does not deserve $15 hr. Irresponsible adults who have kids do not deserve food stamps, housing vouchers, Medicaid and other welfare handouts.

  • Self expression hidden behind the book shelf?

    America the country of freedom where human are all assumed to have rights has only lost the courage to express themselves without hesitation and not the true meaning of the American dream. The American Dream has a different meaning for each of us because we have different point of views.
    However, what is the same is that human will always have desire and ego both in a good and bad way which assures us that we have an image of our own "utopia" in some way.
    We have a dream of what we desire to happen. We will always dream of perfection and as long as we do so the American Dream will always keep remaining.
    There is no right or wrong. But, as a teenager I can say that if you want it, go get it.

  • When did the American Dream ever exist?

    If I'm wrong, please enlighten me. But I have trouble coming up with a period in America's history, or even the history of any of today's existing countries, where every citizen is or was given an equal opportunity. I'm not sure if it's even possible for everyone to be given an equal shot at success. For example, where you are born already increases or decreases your odds of future success. You can be born into the Bush family, or you can be born into a poor farm family in Iowa. Or you could start in the inner cities where you are surrounded by gangs and people who do not value education or intellect. So you too are bound to push education and intellect to the side, even though those are important factors, in addition to hard work. Or you could be born a woman. And we all know that America's past treatment of women isn't something to be proud of. There has always been those who are granted special privileges because of their last name, wealth, gender, or race. So I would truely love to know when the American Dream ever existed. Really; if what I said is not factual, anyone please let me know how. I'm all ears.

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