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  • America's leaders are repeating history

    Unfortunately, the leadership in America is not paying close attention to our history. By continually trying to "reinvent the wheel", they are destined to repeat some of our biggest mistakes. Leadership should look back at the past and see where mistakes were made so that they can improve upon the situations rather than repeat them.

  • No They Haven't

    Given the recession and the lessons that should have been learned from the Great Depression, I do not believe America's leaders have learned from history. If anything we are grossly neglecting past knowledge thinking that it does not somehow apply to today. Yes, the world has changed, but the basic have not.

  • Inflate the dollar.

    No, America's leaders have not learned from history, because we are walking into the same traps that the Roman Empire walked into. We are inflating our dollar. That is going to be our demise. The representatives in charge do not want to fall into public disfavor, so they do not want to fix our economy.

  • No, we repeat the same mistakes.

    American leaders definitely haven't learned from history, since our leaders tend to make the same mistakes. I think the most obvious mistake that we see is with the Presidency. When they're campaigning, Presidential candidates act like they can solve all of the country's problems. Without fail, this seems to be their selling point. Yet, this isn't true. Our country has checks and balances (three branches of government) and the President is, in many respects, a representative, and not one who can make great change. We also see various mistakes being repeated again and again. So, I don't think they learn from history. Too many politicians have big egos and think they won't make the same mistakes as others did.

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