• Get Off Your Phone and Debate Me!

    Yes I believe that Americans have forgotten how to debate. Every time there is a debate starting someone has to pull out Google for proof that their point is right. Here's an idea how about you form a thought on your own and properly verbalize it so that you can convince other's about your stance!

  • Yes, I am an example.

    Yes they have. When you try to debate and get a point across that isn't the same as someone else, each person turns to the "my opinion is the right opinion." Then they would get upset because they want their point to be right and make you see that their point is the "right" one and not be open minded to the fact that not all opinions are shared by everyone.

  • It seems as though people have forgotten the art of debating

    It seems today that people (generally) don't debate or discuss ideas, information or simple perspectives from a point of calm logic and an open mind, but rather from a point of serious emotion and an attitude of "my ideas are right because they are what I believe". There seems to be a lack of respect (generally) when discussing differing opinions, respect being something needed to have a great debate.

  • Americans Have Not Forgotten

    The American people have not forgotten how to debate. Debating goes on every day in this country. Just a few months ago a debate was televised as candidates who ran for president of this country debated about policies and the direction of the United States. We have not forgotten at all.

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