• We got scared, just what they wanted!

    We gave in to there attacks, we gave them what they wanted, and caused fear and chaos on a global scale, by winning, we lost.

    With isis being the new global boogeyman and the media fuelling the fire, giving the terrorist orginisations what they wanted giving in to the fear,

  • David And Goliath Principle

    Terrorism operates on the principle of a very small number of people can have a negative effect on a very large number of people. In the Bible story, David was a small boy who effectively fought against a large giant. The United States has lost the terrorism war because we have been trying to fight Goliath to Goliath when the actual enemy is more like a David.

  • Yes, americans have lost the war on terror

    What little war the war on terror was to begin with should have been over long ago. We went in and completed what was originally intended. This war on terror will never end and we shouldn't have a presence outside of the US anymore for this specific reason. It's a waste of money and time that we could be putting toward anything else.

  • It comes and goes.

    No, Americans have not lost the war on terror, because it is something that comes and goes, just like the war on drugs. We can have enforcement, but it is not something that will always be completely eradicated. That doesn't mean that we should not take steps to enforce freedom, because it can stop some terrorism.

  • No, we haven't.

    We are far from losing the war on terror. We have had some horrible and unfortunate acts perpetrated against us in the last few decades, but we are far from losing a war on terror. Al-Qaeda isn't what it used to be and compared to other parts of the world, the United States is still a fairly safe place to live as far as worrying about terrorist threats.

  • No, I don't thnk America has lost the War on Terror.

    While I think it has been very costly and has cost many lives of our soldiers I think America has largely succeeded in thwarting the organization of the largest terrorist groups in the Middle East, I think America will continue the fight against terrorist organizations and while I don't think we can ever eliminate terrorism I think we can greatly reduce it.

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