• They are buying this country

    Chinese people are practically buying this nation in pieces. I am concerned because I think that if we continue losing our country, in the near future my kids and grand kids won't know what language are they supose to speak and who is their president, because we are simply losing our nation.

  • Yes, Chinese have become the biggest buyers of properties in New York as well as close to major colleges.

    Chinese have since become the biggest buyers of American real estate in large cities with major educational institutions. Chinese parents hope to send their children abroad to study in the United States, and invest in properties close to major schools. Real estate prices are relatively low in the United States compared to China, so it makes sense that Chinese people would make investment purchases in the United States for a larger return as the economy continues to climb.

  • I think the rich are the biggest buyers in the USA, foreign or domestic born

    I don't think the number of Chinese people who come to the US to buy American goods and property can come close to the number of home grown consumers. In addition, with things like the housing sector being dominated by people looking for rental properties and other high return items, buying power is shifting into the hands of those with money. Definitely not the middle class and definitely not someone on an American holiday.

  • We are a melting pot.

    No, Chinese people have not become some of the biggest buyers in the USA, because there are so many peoples and countries that we do business with that it's hard to single anyone out. The Chinese people are nice to participate in our economy, but so do the Japanese, Europe, and countless other countries.

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