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    Posted by: kull
  • Definitely 100 percent

    I am 15 and I hear swearing all around me at school every day. However much I try not to swear but it doesn't seem wrong because its not affecting anyone. I have also heard teachers swearing so it leads me to believe swearing isn't wrong. My parents swear a lot and they are my role models so I repeat what they say.

  • Yes Yes Yes by the great Ethan s.

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes they are bad yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. I am a professor at a college and have done lots of research on humans and how their brains work i have attended the human body bee at Clarke university. Kids have many problems that need to be fixed by brain surgery that will remove all knowledge of bad words an i will perform it. I am a high class surgeon and have lots of experience send me your info and i will see if i can work you into my schedule.
    Ethan s.

  • T r r r r r

    T t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t

  • Yes, yes they have

    Cussing, apparently, has become a part of our everyday language. In every hallway at school, you can't miss all the F-bombs or the S-words, and you couldn't forget people calling each other female dogs on the bus. In at least every conversation, there are at least 2 cuss words. I am ashamed to even be a part of this species, because people don't even bat an eye when you cuss.

  • Of course they have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I here people at sporting events drop f-bombs and say the s word and the a word withe the hole at the end. It is so dumb how many curse words I here all day. There should be a law against saying curse words. It should be banned from being said at all.

  • They have become to common

    When talking about curse words things become very foggy because it seems like some race gender and ages think about curse words in a totally different way. I need more words so i am just saying things like it doesnt matter and i dont need any more words suck it

  • Of course they have!

    I am only in 6th grade and all the other 6th in my classes (Health, PE, Math, etc.) and they cuss all the time. I hear at least 15 f-bombs a day! I have no idea what the teachers are doing but most of the kids in my class say it so much I have gotten used to it. The last person up there wrote that high schools cuss a lot. All I have to say is who cares about high-schoolers? My school is 6-8 graders, which is middle school.

  • I have gone around school and heard students drop f-bombs in front of teachers.

    I think it shows that even though profanity is not allowed in school not enough teachers care to punish kids. That shows that there aren't many teachers these days that disapprove a cursing. I realize my argument isn't the strongest but it is enough to show that cursing isn't taken seriously anymore.

  • Common in Vocabulary

    Most people curse as if it is going out of style. In school, most people use the most atrocious words they can think of to express happiness, not even an exclamation of anger! I am not aware of when cursing became the "in" thing, but that is what it seems to me. I get strange looks when I saw cursing goes against my moral code. I'm proud of anyone who doesn't swear because they are becoming a novelty. My jaw no longer drops at the f-bomb like it once did, but instead I roll my eyes. I cannot help to wonder if they need a thesaurus to find some better words to use instead. Please, for the good of everyone, keep it clean.

  • No, They have not.

    When your grandparent, Do you become shocked? Of course! Just because curse words are used more often, Does not mean the words receive no reaction. Yes, It does depend on who is saying the word, But never the less many people do still become surprised when they hear cuss words.

  • No, Not really.

    No, Shock words have not lost their shock value. Let me ask you, When your grandparents or young cousin/brother or sister curses, Do you become shocked? YES! Just because cuss words are used more often, By a larger amount of people does not mean there is no reaction from society.

  • No, not really.

    Do you get shocked if one of you grandparents "cuss" in front of you for the first time? See, it all depends on who is saying the "cuss" words. Though I do totally agree that they has lost some value from the abuse of words. Am I right or what?

  • People will say something

    Even though some people may not say something to the person who is cursing the words still mean something bad. Most christians will say something to people who are cursing around them. Cursing is emoral to christians so when people say them they usually will tell them to not curse around them. So, to some people they still do have shock value.

  • Not When Used Properly

    When a well timed and appropriate curse word is used, and by the correct speaker, curse words can absolutely maintain their shock value. For example, after a little too much egg nog this Christmas, my grandmother let the mother of all f-bombs fly across the table, and we were all totally shocked.

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