• Yes, they have

    Due process protections have eroded because of the American Patrioc Act. This is one of the most horrible pieces of legislation passed in US history, and it's all under the guise of defending the state. What it is is just intrusive nonsense that gives people less privacy and the government more power over us.

  • Yes they have

    You can kill Americans oversees without a court system simply because you think that they are involved in terrorism. You can have a warentless wiretap on your phone and internet usage so you can be spied on without cause. All of this is legal through the Patriot Act and it is harmful.

  • Yes They Have

    I believe the due process protections have been eroded because of the American Patriot Act. I think the American Patriot Act has caused many problems and it has given the government far too much control without any check. Americans lost their country when this act was created, it should be repealed.

  • Kill anyone, anywhere.

    Yes, due process protections have eroded because of the American Patriot Act, because today, the United states government can kill a United States citizen at any time, without a hearing or warning, or a chance to provide themselves innocent. All they have to do is claim that the person is a terrorist.

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