Have electronic video games reached a level of sophistication commensurate with adult intellect?

  • Yes, electronic video games are extremely technical.

    Electronic video games have become much more complex: multiple controls, various choices available during the course of a game and the advent of the ability to compete with and against people connected to the game via the internet. Video games are going to continue to evolve with people as people themselves evolve.

    Posted by: CowardlyVirgil31
  • Electronic video games, in my opinion, have definitely reached a level of sophistication parallel with adult intellect.

    Video games have become very complex and challenging in the past few years. The realistic graphics and story lines give most adults a gaming experience that is entertaining, as well as providing difficult problems to solve. The variety of games available at this time will appeal to most adults of all ages and intellect who enjoy playing video games.

    Posted by: WardNatha
  • Right now, video games have never been more inventive or sophisticated.

    Back in the early days of the video game craze of the 1980s, most of the games had simple premises and game play that were considered little more than children's toys. However, today we have games geared specifically towards adults with more complex plots and game play, the "Red Dead" series being a good example.

    Posted by: ErvinAnime
  • I believe that electronic video games have reached a level of sophistication commensurate with adult intellect, because many games today require the player to make informed decisions that the games' outcomes are based on.

    Gameplay within video games is strongly influenced by the individuals who play them. These days, many games offer choice-based outcomes, where the game will change and adapt based on the choices that the player makes while playing the game. I believe that this suggests that adult intellect plays a strong part in how video games are being played and designed.

    Posted by: WiseEllsworth
  • The latest video games have achieved a level of complexity and sophistication that does capture the interest of adults.

    You can see through user statistics the number of older gamers taking up MMPORGs and other interactive games, in addition to stand-alone strategy and first person shooter games. As the gaming population ages and grows more sophisticated, so do the latest games. They are epic time wasters that fully engage adults.

    Posted by: laceymarya
  • Video games are constantly evolving, meeting the needs of many, which is similar to the sophistication of humans.

    I don't know the exact number, but the majority of gamers that are around have been so since the invention of videos games. They are the ones that are helping evolve the industry.

    Posted by: PlantHorace75
  • Video games are not just for kids and are being geared more towards adults.

    There was a time when video games were only popular for kids, but that time is gone. Games now involve players using a lot of intellect to solve puzzles as well as develop strategy. Games are so complex in the modern age that many kids would be unable to play them. It is obvious that gaming developers are focused on providing adults with a intellectual challenge.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • I disagree that video games have the same sophistication as adult intellect, since the game is a product of such intellect and will always pale in comparison.

    Games do not construct themselves; they are developed by humans. All of the sophistication of the intellect in the human race can never be fully passed on to a material product. Intellect is the part of the mind in which one understands and knows; therefore, such intellect within a game is limited, since a player will always have limited knowledge and choices in the game.

    Posted by: R0y4God2iIIa
  • I believe that video games are not yet comparable to the adult intellect, because adults can change over time, while video games will always be subject to their programming.

    While videos games have gotten more sophisticated over time, they are still programmed by humans. The simple fact that man makes video games means they cannot possibly be more sophisticated and complex than the humans that created them. Video games would have to begin to reprogram themselves, independent of their programming, to reach a level where they could surpass man in any way.

    Posted by: 5h3Insanity
  • Electronic video games have reached a level of sophistication commensurate with adult intellect, as is evidenced with the introduction of the Nintendo Wii.

    Electronic video games have reached a level of sophistication commensurate with adult intellect. More adults are playing the Wii now than they have any other video game console. Now that the new Kinects is coming out, even more adults will be wanting to participate. Some of the games are very interactive, and both kids and adults can enjoy them. The Wii can also simulate active "sports", so people don't have to feel bad about sitting on the couch.

    Posted by: R3yn4FerIi
  • Artificial intelligence is not nearly as sophisticated as the human mind.

    As far as artificial intelligence in video games has developed, it is still far from the intelligence of an adult human. Since these games are programmed by humans, I think it is safe to assume they are to advance, as time moves forward. Perhaps, someday, this level is reachable, but it is not possible in the near future.

    Posted by: IgnorantCraig79
  • Video games are a mental escape that does not require intellect.

    Video games are not made for intellectual purposes, therefore they are not reaching, nor attempting to reach the level of adult intellect. There are certain games that are designed for intellectual purposes, mind games if you will, but these are not technically video games so they do not apply as a metric in this regard. Video games are an escape from reality and from duty and responsibility for some free time without real thought, and thus they will always be.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Electronic video games have reached a level of high programming quality, but not yet artificial intelligence, where they can have adult-like cognitive abilities.

    A programmer writes the code and has 100% full control over the code, and the modern home PC does not have the ability to learn by artificial intelligence. The sophistication is due to improved technology and skill set of the programmer. Any reflection of intelligence is false, or is limited to the very short term.

    Posted by: NedCar
  • No, I disagree as they still mainly stimulate the senses of sight and hearing.

    Electronic video games have progressed to become more engaging over time, but still have not reached the level of sophistication commensurate with adult intellect. Because they only stimulate two or three of our five senses, they are not sufficiently able to totally engage our entire intellect. However, who is to say where we will be in ten years?

    Posted by: Cen2I0rd
  • No, because the current heavy focus on graphics, rather than narrative game play, results in mindless and formulaic video games.

    Like movies, the emphasis in video game design on the whole is to make more impressive and lifelike graphics. With budget and time dedicated to the appearance, it is rare to find novel game play that is challenging and rewarding for the intelligent adult. Instead, one must go to the independent developers to see what new and challenging ideas might eventually be incorporated.

    Posted by: ZeroLev

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