• The whole feminist movement has become a massive paradox.

    What used to be a movement for equality has now radically changed its goals. Feminism today is out to prove that they can do anything men can do. Which by *their own* definition places men in a superior position.

    The theology is simply inconsistent within itself. By insisting 'we can do it too', women are inherently implying that they are inferior.

    A woman should be able to embrace herself - in all her femininity - without feeling the need to compare herself to a man. But as long as feminists determine their worth on the ability to be like men - in the name of equality - then they will never be truly equal.

  • Egalitarian State of Mind

    The modern feminist mind isn't focused on putting women's rights on par with men; that age has long passed. Instead, the modern western feminist movement is devoted to advancing women and women only. They ignore the extremely skewed adoption rates and birthrights. For example, the to-be father has no say in what happens to his child, potentially ruining his life because of his inability to pay or lack of relationship commitment, while the woman controls whether the baby lives and dies, where it is born, and is easily able to extort the man for his money and resources. I'm fine with, and even encourage Egalitarianism, but the modern feminism movement is about achieving privileges above men, not rights.

  • One word: (POLITICS)

    Feminists are driving their movement towards the wrong path. They were a movement originally trying to bring equal rights like men and be equal like them. However, recently they now focus on being over top of men and being like them too. Politics have corrupted their idea of just equality to advantage.

  • I Know I Don't

    I don't really understand what you're trying to say. Are you saying that feminists are stupid or they don't understand what they're fighting for? Feminists fight for the rights of both women and men concerning gender roles and how society looks at them. They aren't men haters, they aren't all women and they aren't crazy.

  • Girl power rocks

    Feminists are right. Girls and women should be supported because some of them are still treated lower then men in some countries. This is not fair at all because girls can have just as good thoughts and ideas as men, maybe even better. Feminists have the exact idea that women are being mistreated.

  • Feminism is Logic

    The whole idea of feminism is to provide equality for both genders. It's not about making women better than men, or saying women are inferior to men. It is simply a movement to say, "Hey, maybe we shouldn't be a sh***y society and have double standards for one sex, or treat them any differently based on their bits." There is a great degree of intersectionality between sex, gender, race, and sexual orientation. Feminism is an attempt logically bind these into a coherent reasoning that can make society less terrible for humans.

  • What do you even mean?

    As someone else said, I'm not exactly sure what you're asking; but I'm gonna wing it and assume you mean to ask 'Are feminists useful?' or something like that. And my answer to that is that yes, of course it is. Sure, it's more useful in some places than others but no one can deny that there's still discrimination against females (even worse for non-white females.) If you want proof of this, just think about the most powerful leaders in the world. How many of them are female? If you guessed 'hardly any' then you are, sadly, correct.

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