Have humans become overly dependent upon technology?

  • People have become to dependent on technology

    Of course we have become too dependent on technology. We humans waste our time and energy on metal "toys" that cost us a fortune, and actually hurt us.
    My first reason is that most people in the world have to buy the newest iPhone or the newest iPad, because we think that will increase our "cool factor". We no longer like people because of their personality, but how much stuff they can buy with not even doing a scratch on their paycheck. That's how much we went down in trying to fully evolve.
    My second reason is that people that look at an illuminated screen for about 10 hours per day, no longer gain knowledge and get a lot dumber because their not reading a book or going outside. They no longer know what to do and lose track of their homework, resolving in getting bad grades, becoming more angry and mad for a minor problem.
    My third and final reason is that sometimes a power outage will occur at least once in someones life, and as you all know, everything powered by electricity will stop and shut down. If you spend a lot of your time on an electronic, you will become fond of it and be really mad if its gone. You will not do anything and ruin learning time. You will have to stay at home and never move.
    Therefore I think society is too dependent on technology.

  • We cant get rid of technology

    When you get out of your home&,you can find that everyone is watching or taping their phones .Even the farmers are using the technologies to help farming. Nowadays ,people are surviving with a technological world, people cant advlode the disadvantages of lossing a technolgical world. So i think people is over dependent on techonolgy.

  • We Depend Upon Technology

    Without a doubt, humans have become far too dependent upon technology. Some people can't stay away from their smartphones for more than a few minutes. The average person deals with technology during every moment of the day. With that in mind, we need to reduce our dependence upon technology today.

  • Its getting really out of hand

    Technology is getting out of hand you cant walk down the street without having your phone out somebody can rob you of your phone.. Computers are dangerous too they get your personal files stuck and hackers can come and get all your information ... Technology has changed a lot cars are becoming automatic you can type your words on a screen now its like your giving up pen and paper yes it saves the world in some peoples eyes but still it doesn't in my opinion as a 15 year old yes I love technology and cant live without it for a day but its coming to a point where u=you wake up just to look or glance at it that's just over the edge to me its really getting outrageous and rambougiuous... TECHNOLOGY HAS BECOME ADDICTIVE TO MANDKIND...It was once used for good use but the techs have changed it to mass destruction ...GIVE IT A BREAK FOR A ONCE IN A WHILE.

  • It's Made Some Lazy

    I think, as a people, we have become overly dependent upon technology. It bothers me to know end, knowing that I'm basically suppose to be available to answer my phone at any given time of the day or night. I enjoyed life far more as a child, before technology really made it into consumers hands.

  • Humans are technology!

    It's impossible for humans to become overly dependent on technology, because technology would not exist without humans in the first place. From the first days of the fire and the wheel, we've been the beneficiaries of our clever thinking, also known as technology. It's not a dependency, it's a form of evolution.

  • Technology Helps Us Become Thinkers

    Technology allows humans to concentrate more on thinking rather than doing. Washing dishes, cooking dinner and doing the laundry are all easier thanks to modern technology. Even writing to each other is faster thanks to cell phones. When humans have less to do and have more time to think, great things happen as more advances occur.

  • Humans have not become overly dependent upon technology.

    Humans have not become overly dependent upon technology. Even though it has a major impact on the way that we function from day to day, I do not think we are all that dependent. However, this could change in the near future with more technology coming at us but I think we can handle it.

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