• There's scientific evidence.

    It astounds me that one can look at all the scientific evidence and not believe in climate change. Why have sea levels been rising? Maybe it's due to the polar ice caps melting, people? Ever think of that? But how would they melt? Because it's gotten 1 degree warmer, silly. But how has it gotten warmer? It's due to the greenhouse effect! These things don't happen naturally, you know. It's 7th Grade science, people.

  • Climate change is real

    Seriously, climate change is real. It has been scientifically proven... But that isn't enough for Republicans. Driving a car releases carbon emissions that build up, and causes bad effects including acid rain and global warming. Sea levels are rising because of ice melting, and temperatures are on the rise all over the world.

  • Is this really even a question?

    Does it matter if the Earth is entering what would normally be a warming cycle? Lets just add to that with never before seen levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, that sounds like a good plan. This guy on our right talking about ice caps growing. Duh, in winter! Its about the net change. He never took any science classes past high school so does not have a scientific mind. Basic fact about chemistry, you alter the system and things change. We are artificially altering the atmospheric system. Our actions at this scale have consequences. Not only are we running through our non-renewable natural resources like a group of frat boys through beer kegs, we are creating a more unpredictable climate in the process and growing our population far beyond sustainable levels. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Dumb quote, but is true . What plan do our political "leaders" have besides getting re-elected? What plan do our business "leaders" have beyond the next financial quarter? Our systems incentivize short term and pass the buck down the line to the next generation.

    " In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations."

    - Iroquois Maxim (circa 1700-1800)

    whether truly part of Iroquois doctrine or not, a good policy

  • Humans have an affect of 0.28%... Not really a change.

    But what about Global Warming?

    Not an issue. The world as always gotten hotter for short periods. It's a natural process that helps burn up and refresh the world. I don't mean get rid of people or cities like in the movie 2012. I mean it helps to start Wild Fires and melt the ice caps a little. A very natural process.(1)

    1) http://www.Drroyspencer.Com/global-warming-natural-or-manmade/

    This time around, the warming process is hotter than ever before, not to be confused with being overly hot. Why is it hotter? Because of Humans? No. Humans mostly contribute to the greenhouse gases by adding in Carbon Dioxide. Humans only make up 5.53% of all the greenhouse gases.

    Well, actually. One thing everyone leaves out is Water Vapor. Gases don't have to be filthy in appearance to be a greenhouse gas. Water Vapor is the largest greenhouse, making up 95% of all the gases in the sky. With this added, Humans only make up 0.28% of all Global Warming. (2)

    2) http://www.Geocraft.Com/WVFossils/greenhouse_data.Html

    So what is causing this global warming to be worse than prior global warming? A growing Earth in general. All populations are growing, not necessary because of people. Global Warming this time around still is not hot enough to do harm, and if it were, it still wouldn't be because of the Human Population.

    But what about the Polar Ice Caps?

    What about them? They aren't really melting. Global Warming fanatics love to post pictures of the Ice Caps melting, but never speak of the ice cap growth. All ice melts over time, and it's only natural the Ice Caps melt to refresh the water and even the ice itself. For every bit of ice that melt, more takes it's place. The Ice Caps melt in the summer and grow in the winter.

    The Ice Caps have been growing, but for how long? All 33 years we've been studying them.(3) This mean they were growing when the Global Warning fanatics were just being born, and have been growing the whole time they've been shouting at us. Since we started viewing them, they've been growing, and have likely been growing long before. They have grown 26% since 2007.(4)

    3) http://www.Forbes.Com/sites/jamestaylor/2012/09/19/antarctic-sea-ice-sets-another-record/
    4) http://www.Washingtontimes.Com/blog/watercooler/2010/jan/10/inconvenient-truth-ice-cap-growing/

    SOURCE DEBATE: http://www.Debate.Org/debates/Overpopulation/1/

  • The planet is fine. The people are fu*ked.

    Is the Ice age caused by us? I think not.
    The Sun, as well as the Earth, has its climaxes. The Sun is burning a little bit more than before, but it has nothing to do with Earth. Its just propaganda made up by capitalists to make more money. Do not worry, the planet will be fine.

  • The evidence just doesn't support it

    First question: What is Climate Change?
    My limited answer: The increase or decrease of temperature of the Earth as a whole.

    Second question: What causes increase or decrease in Earth's temperature?
    My answer: Lots of stuff. Things that increase or decrease the net energy of the planet. More energy = hotter, less energy = colder.

    Third question: What are the biggest factors of energy change on the Earth?
    My answer: The Sun. The Earth's core. The Moon.

    The Sun:
    Solar energy is really popular right now. Everyone knows that you can "harness the power of the sun" (oh wait that's sunny d, w/e). The fact is that the Earth has a lot of surface area. The sun is beaming energy to the earth at an enormous rate which is constantly providing us with a barrage of new energy. To find exactly how much check this out:

    The Earth's Core:
    The Earth's Core is basically a massive radioactive fission reactor. No-one knows just how much energy the core produces through radioactive fission. In addition to the radioactive reactions, the friction of molten metal and earth sliding past each other produces a massive amount of heat (energy).

    The Moon:
    Now, the moon doesn't actually provide the Earth with energy directly, however, gravitation stress from the moon produces friction in the Earth's crust and causes the tides. There are lots of mechanisms currently being developed for harvesting this energy. The friction generates heat (energy) in the crust as well.

    Summary: We get more energy from the Sun, Moon, and our own Earth's Core every day than the accumulated power generated by the entire human race. So the idea that we are increasing the temperature with our tiny little input of power is simply ludicrous.

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