Have humans contributed to global climate change?

  • Yes We Have

    While causation does not equal causation, some correlations are so strong that it is hard to deny some connection. Our planet has been warming since the industrial revolution, which was when we began pouring carbon into the atmosphere in ever increasing quantities. To deny that humans have contributed to climate change is to ignore mountains of evidence.

  • We are not AWARE of what we do to pollute

    And this causes what it is today. We drive cars and we don't think about the environment and we use our cars even when we know that our destination is a 5 minutes walk. We are too lazy and we need to start getting active. Before we started driving and everything that pollutes the air, this planet was a place where animals would run around freely and birds flew everywhere, but because their homes are being destroyed and the air is polluted, it affects us and the other living things in the world.

  • Yes they have!

    Anything on a large-scale has an impact on the global environment. Humans have literally left their mark on almost every part of the globe and it can even be seen from space--cities that light up the night, the dramatic loss of large parts of the Amazon rainforest and the pollution of the worlds shorelines from industries around the world. Clearly, the amount of toxic chemicals humans as a population of 7 billion pump into the atmosphere will have an impact on the world. Just like a nuclear war could cause a "nuclear winter" so can the increase of carbon monoxide and pollutants in the atmosphere cause global warming.

  • We contributed in some way.

    While some climate change is natural, a lot of it is caused by man. We produce a lot of emissions that are bad for the environment. If humans were to change their ways of treating the environment around them, global warming would not be bad as it is at this moment.

  • It's almost assured

    There is still some debate about the cause of climate change, it's with high probability humans are responsible for it, but not completely guaranteed. All signs point to it being the case, releasing millions of years of oil into the air in a couple hundred is probably going to have some adverse effects on the atmosphere, no?

  • I do think humans have contributed to global climate change.

    I do think humans have contributed to global climate change. However, I do not think our contribution is as big, or as much of a big deal, as a lot of people make it out to be. The earth has survived a lot of crazy things, from meteor impacts to volcanic eruptions. The earth is going to be just fine no matter what we humans try and do to it. We're more in danger of killing ourselves than killing the earth.

  • Humans Responsible for Climate Change

    Unfortunately, humans are wholly responsible for global climate change. The Earth does experience regular periods of warming and cooling, but humans have messed up that schedule. We have caused the Earth to warm to nearly unprecedented levels. Therefore, we need to work to reverse this development at all costs today.

  • Humans have contributed to global climate change.

    It is clear that human activities have contributed to global climate change. In particular, the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have caused global temperatures to rise. The destruction of the ozone layer in the Antarctic has also led to catastrophic changes in the world's natural balance of climate.

  • Carbon at Highest Levels in 650,000 Years

    Carbon levels in the atmosphere are the highest they've been in 650,000 years according to ice core samples taken from Antarctica. Nothing has changed in the past 650,000 years except human shave taken over the planet and ruined our environment. When it was just animals, ecosystems were fine. Human intervention has destroyed our land, our atmosphere and our water.

  • Yes, humans have contributed to global climate change.

    Humans have contributed to climate change by abusing the environment over a long period of time. Every activity that we do often has a negative impact on the climate. With a rapidly growing population, we have most likely negatively contributed to climate change all around the world in this day and age.

  • No, because it doesn't exist.

    There's no "climate change". People called it "global warming" but then it became clear that it was still cold in places of the Earth so the believers began calling it "climate change" and cry that the world will end and so guilt you into giving up money. There's nothing wrong with the world. You're not going to be killed by "global warming"...Oh, wait "climate change". It still snows, it snowed in MAY here in America. That's proof the Earth isn't warming. Relax, enjoy life, don't be afraid to drive a car because you fear that its carbon is feeding some nonexistent monster created by the liberals that's going to destroy us all.

  • Not at all.

    Earth's climate changes take over 400,000 year to cycle based on earth orbit around the sun. The earth is actually cooler now that it is normally. We are still int he last state of the last ice age, which will be over with the ice caps melt on Green Land and and the poles. Earth is at lease 4 degree F warming than it is now at its normal temperature. Most of Texas, Florida, the Gulf coast, most of California and much of each coast. Will be under water at that time the CO2 levels will be ten times higher. Then, next ice age will be again in another 500,000 years, and most of North America will be covered by a huge ice sheet. This has been going on for mullions of year. Man has nothing to do with it. And, man can't stop it.

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