• Teenagers becomes addicted!!!

    Nowadays thanks to these iphones and androids, Teenagers have been misusing them. Some just spent most of their time chatting away and forgetting about their homeworks and assignment given to them. Some teens use their phones to play games as well as many games are very addictive. For e.g. Real Racing 3 has been the app of the year for 2013 with millions of users in the game. This shows that a lot of people likes this game and are playing the game. Also, in real racing 3 there have a lot of competition and tons of cool stuff in there to entice the users and tempt them to continue playing. In fact, thanks to these phones many have obtained poor results until they realize what they are doing. Rather than getting rid of these phones, Parents should make sure that teens should not use the phones most of their time.

  • Smart Device Addicted

    According to the mobile mindset study, 73% of people panic when they are realize that misplaced their phone. It means a lot of people are became addicted because of the smart devices such as iphone or android. 40% of people are check their smart devices every 10 minutes.
    What does it mean? Isn't the smart phones attacking teenagers working?

    Posted by: ancy
  • Is this just iPhone and Android?

    So, basically, if you own a windows phone, you will be fine? Sarcasm aside, actually, android phones can do a lot of things. For example, it's easy to program on android, because of less restrictions. Anyway, phones don't make people worse, it's just how they are used. Guns don't kill people, people do...

  • I say No.

    I am a teenager myself and the reason that I say no is that the phone is just a tool. It can be used for good things and bad things just as everything else can. People say that teenagers use phones too kuch to pkay games. People have always played games since the beginning of time; the games have just changed. During the year 300Bc people may have been playing with rocks, and 50 years ago the children played games that are different than what teenagers play now; things have just changed over time with technology. Trenagers now have much more excess to games that people had before. In addition, people may say that fights are started because of what goes on in social media. There have always been fights and drama, so what is the difference? One main difference that I observe is that more people hear about the drama than before, and the information spreads further and faster, but O see this to be no reason to say that phones are bad because drama is drama and it will always occur. In fact, a study was done that I saw in a short did you know at this Wonder Works thingamajig place (lol) and in that video, it was said that the daily New York Times Newspaper holds more information than a person in the 1800s would come across in his or her entire lifetime. With phones, people are getting more information that that brings up the question, "is there more drama or do we hear more about the existing drama?" Moreover, phones are tools that may be used for the good or bad of a people. I believe that phones should be used wisely , and that it is important for people to be careful of what he or she puts out there. It is simple to make a quick mistake out of anger than cannot be taken back.

    Anyways, Have a great day and sorry for any typos : )

    Posted by: DJH
  • Please do not generalize.

    Take a look at history and you'll find it's normal for a generation to criticize or worry about the generation after. Teenagers on phones and "gadgets" are often called anti-social, and for the wrong reasons.

    Anti-social is not talking too little. Anti-social is actually harming other people, or doing things against societal welfare. There are several teens who use phones for good purposes, so to say they're making teenagers worse (which I presume is what the user meant) is a

  • They can be worse

    They can be a lot worse without phones. Your question asks are they the worst with phones? No. Most certainly not. What could be worse if instead of all of them all having a smartphone clipped to their thigh, they had a .45 clipped to their sides like it is in Lebanon, afraid they are going to be killed. And for good reason they are afraid.

  • Not all are like that -.-

    Sure, there are cases of obssession, but some use it for recreative purposes only. Some teenagers don't even use iphones (I have never touched one in my life) and rather devote their time to education (as it should be). Obssession is an ever-lasting thorn in the side of society. Even adults can be obssessed with iphones/androids. There should be restrictions of course, and if you ask me, I would say BAN ALL SOCIAL NETWORKS, but I don't see iphones as an imminent threat. So, that's why I agree to yes AND no

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The_Immortal_Emris says2014-06-25T15:48:54.703

By the gods, people.

It's as if you want me to vote yes.

Pay more attention in English class, for crying out loud.

It's one thing to have a spelling error, or incorrect punctuation, but you're asking if tech has made young people less "good" than previous generations, and you can't even use the proper adjective.

Also, why make Iphone (s) plural, but not Android(s)?

Just a pet peeve of mine. Keep your tenses and your quantities uniform for a more clear message.