• Yes, they have.

    Yes, medical advances have lengthened human longevity very much. A few hundred years ago, an average life expectancy was only until their mid thirties. People now are living longer, healthier lives with life expectancies being in the mid 70's in America and even longer in some other countries. We now have eradicated things like polio and have cures for many diseases that didn't exist even 200 years ago.

  • Medicine extends life span

    Medical advances clearly are one of the primary reasons for increases in the human life span. Elimination of plague type diseases that wipe out significant parts of the population would be one factor. Progress in elimination of other diseases that cause fatalities at younger ages would also figure in. Some other factors like better diet and environmental safety could contribute but probably to a lesser extent.

  • Yes they have

    There is no doubt that medical advances have lengthened human longevity due to the ability to treat diseases faster and with great successes. Some people will say that the life span has actually gone down, but that is mainly due to poor lifestyle choices and food that we eat. Medicine helps.

  • Plenty Of Studies Show This

    I believe medical advances have lengthened the longevity of humans. There are plenty of studies that confirm what many people see in their everyday lives. People are far more likely to survive health issues such as stroke and heart attack with our medical services. This obviously has increased the length of the average life.

  • Humans are living longer

    Yes, medical advance have lengthened human longevity; is it a good or bad thing, I don't know. The human life span has increase tremendously because of the inventions of life saving techniques and devices. It is to the point that the earth is being overrun by humans. Life and death are both natural occurrences and when technologies extends life has it has, the balance is thrown off.

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