• Way too dependent on technology

    Most kids these days don't even know how to use a dictionary because " Google has it all" so they don't see it as a necessary skill. Look around at how many people are engrossed in their phones walking down the street, or while driving. Most accidents are caused by people using their phones while driving, whether it be for GPS, to get on Facebook or anything else. It's insane for some people to fathom how anyone ever lived without texting, GPS, and Google. Technology is a big help and a big problem. So how do we know when too much is too much when it comes to using all the technology we have today?

  • I am Stingy

    This mailbox is mine
    And this triagonal sign
    That blue balloon
    The month of June
    They're mine, mine, mine, mine, mine

    Ziggy's sweets are mine
    That birdie's tweets are mine
    The city streets
    Both your feet

    They're all emphatically mine

    It all belongs to me
    Everything that I see
    North, south, east and west
    I caress it, 'cause I possess it
    I'm Stingy and it's mine

    And this instrumental break is also mine

    The floor and ceiling are mine
    All your feelings are mine
    You always knew it
    That's all there is to it
    It's mine, mine, mine, mine, mine

    That's what I said
    It's mine

  • WE are relying too much on everyday technology, what if it all disappeared?

    Basically you use technology from the minute you get up (your alarm clock) to the minute you go to sleep (music). What if it all one day disappeared? What would you be left with? Would you even be able to communicate with your friends or enjoy life at least? I think we should all focus more on reality than just the screen in front of our face!

  • Technology provides an easy life but...

    It's true that technology was created to benefit us and make our life easier but there's a difference between helping us and taking over our lives. Technology has been incorporated in every single aspect of our life and nowadays we don't realise until it's gone. The against statement's saying "No, we need it" actually shows that we are in fact too dependent on technology. The fact that we *need* it is concerning since our race used to survive without it. And I completely agree that technology has benefitted us extremely greatly, but one day it can be the end of us. It's already ended some lives for example numerous car accidents, suicidal teens due to cyber bullying. It's worsening people's health as well, obese people have increased due to lack of exercise and excessive gaming. We need to start communicating face to face whenever we can and have a play outdoors. It's ironic how the majority of us are saying we are too dependent on technology but are in fact typing our for arguments on a computer.

  • I think its bad

    In my schools while were learning my teacher gets phone calls and answers them in the middle of the class and allows us to text people in the middle of our learning session and it has become and adicte to all the kids in my school today yeterday tomorrow and everyday help

  • Yes we have.

    As a people we have become overly dependent on technology. We can't function if our phones crash, if our wifi is down then it is the end of the world for us. We wouldn't be able to survive without them which is concerning. This also brings up the issue of obesity that it causes. Technology has ruined us, we need to separate from it a little more.

  • People have drastically become dependent on technology.

    Men, women, and children especially have become overly dependent. It has evolved from using technology as a tool to a strict entertainment purpose. While it is still used as a tool, more people use it as a entertainment use. Whether it be video games, movies, shows, transportation, etc... People use it too much for the wrong purpose. There are in fact people who cannot go a day without the use of technology. One day, when the technological wonders we have created crash, the world will be in a panic not knowing what to do. This will occur because people have no basic survival skills which will be there demise. Technology is good at sometimes, I use it for entertainment purposes as well. However, this technology will not last forever. We must be prepared for what comes after the age of technology.

  • Good and bad

    I think that it is good because a lot of people in the USA use technology to find out where old friends are or texting their loved ones people. All around the world people are using technologies even your car has technology. The bad thing is that some people can cause car accidents if texting and driving.

  • Yes We Have.

    I say technology is overused for it takes up time and your day. Or maybe your week. For now people go on social media more than they sleep. And well I know the downside because I use it to much so i want to keep you all from it. So I say yes.

  • People can't handle power outages.

    Kids don't have anything besides video games. Parents are okay, but they still can't use a microwave or stove. People freak out over the fact that they do not have electricity, even though you can easily manage for a few days without your modern luxuries. Think of the people that NEVER have these things.

  • We are not to dependent on technolgy

    We are not to dependent on technology because people use their technology and gadgets for lots of useful things such as keeping up with news, emailing people for connecting and working, and having a complete office with you every day. Also we technology can be anything. Cars and Planes are technology. Are we to dependent on cars and planes?

  • Technology is not the problem man.

    Technology is not the problem. It is the way that we use it. If we just used it as a tool instead of as a way to escape reality then all is fine. It is the people who sit on their asses playing video games all day that make it seem that way.

  • Technology is the future

    If it weren't for technology, I would not be able to post this right now, if it weren't for technology, you wouldn't be able to communicate with friends or family across the globe in seconds, if it weren't for technology, the masses of research going into cancer could not be carried out.
    From the wheel to the Iphone 5s, technology has given us some of the greatest inventions of all time, it always has and always will...Technology is the future.

  • Just cause we rely often on technolgy doesnt mean we are dependent

    I have heard people say that life is way harder without technology. We know this, but technology was created to make life easier, that is the main purpose. Just cause we might rely on something doesnt mean we can't live without it. Sure it will be harder since we are used to it, but not impossible.

  • No we need it

    No, because we the people need technology because without it we all would be dummies and if you look at this page almost all of the paragraph's In the yes column are mostly made by one man or women and yes I agree with the yes people but we really need internet and technology because the dictionaries are to slow nada wast of time.

  • Technology is good and bad

    Yes, technology is slowly taking over our social lives and slowly creeping into our relationships and everyday activities. But technology isn't really the problem. It is the people that use it and how they use it that effects the overall negative and positives of technological advances. We as a race today decide on how we use technology and how much that we let it take over our lives. Without technology there would be more bad than good. Yes, it is stopping many kids from physical activities because they are inside watching TV or playing video games which is leading to an increase in obesity and laziness. But without technology how would we be able to communicate easily, prevent diseases make jobs more doable, and to transport items more easily. Just think!!! Prices would be higher because it would require more people and labor to create the things that we need in life that could have been easily done with technology. We as a whole should create a line where technology ends and face to face social communication begins

  • Tech helps all people

    Everyone says that technology is killing our social skills kids don't know how to talk to each other and the like but why would people need to talk to each other arrange a meeting if they can just talk through text email and IM. With out technology we would still be cave people no fire no innovation technology isn't the problem its people who hook themselves its people that send important messages over text its not the technology its the people who use it. Just think to yourself what was the first thing that came to mind when you heard that you could send words through the air from New York to California in under a second. That is what technology is cure for cancer, leukemia, and many other diseases, without technology our human race would have died before it even had a chance.

  • Tech Helps people

    Technology was first created to help other people if people only use a little technology from the vast amount we have then people won't want to think of new ideas because no one wants to use technology in the first place technology helps people not destroys them. People are not spoiled for being gifted with tech just because other people are not some people still don't understand this era and others think that we should go back to write on pen and paper instead of speaking into a microphone and your word appear on a screen.

  • Technology Helps Us!

    Without technology, we wouldn't be able to do so many things! We need technology to do research, even to save people's lives! We have made life a lot more convenient, safe, and cleaner using technology. All in all, it is very good for us! Without technology we would still get plagues, have to use candles as light, no more fast food...

  • What's wrong with that?

    Children today are said to be spoiled, and we hear stories of kids getting iPads, laptops and mobile phones for Christmas at age eight. I had the “good fortune” to work in Santaland in Meadows and Byrne and I admit, I did encounter these children but for every India or Crystal who was getting an iPod, a puppy and a foot spa there were twelve Sarah’s getting a princess Barbie and a dolls house. Is it really such a problem for kids to be
    well acquainted with technology? I for one grew up in a computer-driven household, I could install programmes before I could walk and I personally don’t think I’m psychologically damaged as a result of it. Children are more prepared for adulthood, they can become more independent from an early age and gain valuable life experience.

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Debaterer1 says2015-06-04T11:30:34.367
Technology gives us hope and let's us fight true despair
hofmann says2016-04-01T19:43:28.030
The people saying yes and complaining about tech. Are using tech. To complain on this website

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