• People are allowing themselves to be stupid.

    People are waaay too dependent on their phones so in a way the phones are smarter. Most people say that computers and stuff are only as smart as the people who make them but when you allow yourself to become essentially subservient to your phone then you are dumber than it 'cause it controls your life

  • Yes I believe phones are great but they are promoting laziness in web searching.

    Phones whether Android or Iphones they are computer phones. They are wonderful devices to have with GPS technology and internet. However, I do feel it promotes pure laziness. You can download ton of apps and virtually don't need a web browser. Web searching is a skill that everyone needs. What happen if your on a job and you have to search something on the web. Maybe you have to search up information about an event is taking place. You cannot download event finder app, non exist for desktop computers. Lot of people say you can get an app for that but I said like using a search engine. When they cannot find something on the web they ask me and I'm able to find for them. Also I don't like apps because they gather certain information and you really have to read the find print on that. I feel old fashion way will not disappear and apps someday will cause problems.

  • Duh..... Its been that way for a while

    Humans have a long history of being retarded.... Whether its the Austrian army killing 80,000 of its own men to guys not using condoms because their swag will protect them, people are more retarded then you can imagine. Phones on the other hand are not, in fact ive never met a single phone who WASNT dumber then a human....

  • They haven't become 'smarter'

    Like the other Contender, I believe that this question is too broad. Phones have decent processors which can do calculations quicker than humans - however, they do not have the ability to think creatively, or do anything with free will, as they are all computerised and completely logical. Therefore this argument is perhaps true in that a phone can process logic far better than us, but it falls back in every other department such as storage space, processing power, creativity, etc.

  • Too broad of a question.

    Sure, a phone could do a lot of things like calculate 69*69= whatever number faster than people, or surf the web, or any of that. This was all created and designed by humans however, and I believe that because a phone is unable to "think", or create an idea without prompting by a controller, it is inferior to a human. The phone needs someone to program its settings, whereas a person can imagine a future, and add more to our knowledge. Can a phone do things that a human can't do? Sure. Can it do somethings faster? Sure. But I don't think that criteria meet the standards of intelligence.

  • Phone only works base on what we have designed.

    Of course, phone can do many things better than us human. Not just phone, but many other technology as well, each have their own purpose, and all can do those purpose better than human. But we create phone for our inconvenience. If they are worse than us at searching the web, or communication, why did we need them in the first place? And of course, all technologies right now, though some have the ability to be logical, don't have the ability to be creative. That is human's advantage. It is what differ us from technologies nowadays.

  • Phones are programmed to do what we want

    Therefore the "intelligence" they have is simply the information developers give them. In addition phones while having enormous calculating ability don't know the meaning of what they phone is doing. A computer couldn't explain what something is without humans fist giving it the information. Phones and other computers have no intelligence to speak of.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-17T07:28:14.027
Despite their far reaching abilities, they all still operate on the principle of the "Chinese Room".