Have police in general become too untrustworthy to rely on for help

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  • Corrupt drug war

    The drug war is corrupt by design and intent. It intentionally targets the poor and defenseless, is racist by design, and finances the unlawful conduct of our government in both foreign and domestic affairs. It is the means by which a government of criminals supplanted the lawful and constitutional system of law with Admiralty Law while deceiving the people so that the politically well placed could, and have, profit from it, The further purpose is, when combined with other breaches of trust and disregard for both constitution and the law, to impose tyranny by oligarchs. A militarized police is being trained and equipped to oppress, not protect, the people. The police misconduct now so frequently reported is a result of that training and indoctrination.

  • Police are permitted to lie by law, they get into the habit of becoming full time liars as a result regularly committing crimes including harassment

    Police often lie, threaten, use bully intimidation, ignore the law, aren't properly screened for mental illnesses, good morals or logic, they are pressured into being like soldiers and gangs loyal to each other above citizens and often demonize citizens out of resentment over opinions against police. News and police corruption sites make this clear as does the personal testimony of others in America in general.

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