Have President Obama's actions directly caused such a low rate of unemployment?

  • We'll he certainly isn't making landing a job any easier.

    The thing that kills jobs is regulation. Just let businesses grow and they will get better by themselves. The market will force them to. If a business is unhealthy and rude to its staff and customers, then nobody will work or shop there! But as soon as government steps in, jobs are lost! Every single time!

  • The country began slipping into a recession in 2007.

    We just had no idea that it would be the worst, since the Great Depression. By 2008, we lost 2.6 million jobs. By the final quarter of the year, we were averaging a job loss of over 300K per month or more! December, alone, was over a half million. That's staggering statistics.

    It has been a long & difficult road back. Personally, I wonder where we'd be in the GOP had actually worked "with" Obama. With the opposition fighting his every move, Obama still managed to bring us into recovery & to this point. He deserves the credit.




  • Yes, Obama's actions have caused a low rate of Employment

    Obama created a health care system only benefiting anyone who has a full-time job.So if companies either hire people for part-time or not at all, there will be big money in there pockets that they are saving.Many companies choose the ladder and less honest citizens have the opportunity to become employed.

  • Oh yes it has

    He's taking jobs. You gotta wonder too, is it intentional? The guy created 500 jobs but took 5,000. He is also damaging the economy. It would cost LESS to send immigrants back. It's really expensive to give each of them a phone, a place to live, a car, and money.

  • President Obama's actions have directly caused a low rate of unemployment

    The President has actively worked to improve the economy during his administration through passing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009 as well as the Wall Street Reform. Both of these have brought some stability to the economy. Of course, there are other factors, but Obama has definitely have influence.

  • Obamanomics is harmful to the economy

    His economic policies are anti-growth, the opposite of what's required for long term booming growth. Instead of cutting tax rates, Obama has been focused on raising rates. Obama has been all about increasing regulation instead of deregulation. Instead of cutting spending, it has exploded, and was only restrained when the people elected Republicans to control the House.

  • The opinions on this question are appalling!

    The opinions expressed here smack of economic ignorance and fallacy. The labor force participation rate in Jan. 2009 was 65.7% meaning nearly two-thirds of working age adults were working or looking for work. Currently, it stands at 62.7% meaning we have witnessed the most rapid decline in U.S. history for labor force participation. That's over 7 million Americans and when they aren't counted in the workforce, the BLS doesn't count them when they calculate the unemployment rate. So before you join the Huffington Post in gushing over Obama, consider 92.6 million Americans aren't participating in the work force! That's how you get a fresh cycle low in unemployment.

  • No simple as that

    Obama has not encouraged a healthy economy. He spent way too much money, way more then Bush which caused our debt to explode in size. Not to mention passing universal healthcare sent shockwaves of uncertainty through the business world which caused businesses to delay in hiring. While its been reported that the unemployment rate is 5.9%, the number of people not working is the highest its been in 36 years, most of these people are people that looked for jobs, but gave up and so were not classified as unemployed. This recovery has also been the slowest recovery in recent memory and the unemployment rate stayed above 8% for longer then any other period on record.

  • No, the employment rate was low before he took office.

    The low rate of unemployment was in a problem prior to President Obama taking office as a consequence of the recession under the Bush administration. President Obama is perpetuating the low rate of unemployment with various policies and regulations which favor large corporations that are not creating sustainable jobs at acceptable rates. However, the numbers are deceiving considering the number of people who are not accounted for that have altogether stopped looking for employment or have taken part-time positions due to the limited availability of full-time positions since the recession in 2008.

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