Have Putin's foreign policies caused the current economic crisis in Russia?

  • Yes, Putin's policies have caused Russia's economic troubles.

    Russia is facing devaluation of their currency thanks to a couple factors. The first is the cost of oil going down so dramatically. The Russian economy is largely oil dependent. The second factor is Putin's contemptuous leadership on the world stage. His actions in Ukraine caused economic sanctions that are doing what they are supposed to.

  • Yes, there is a direct relationship between Putin's foreign policies and the economic crisis in Russia.

    When Russian meddling in eastern Ukraine and Western economic sanctions first began, Putin and other members of the ruling class arrogantly scoffed at the idea that these efforts would have any effect on the Russian economy. Then, global conditions changed, especially the price of crude oil, and Russia's once very profitable natural gas fields became significantly less profitable. If Russia had just minded its own business in Eastern Europe, they wouldn't have ended up in this mess.

  • Only God should determine when it's someone day to die, even if they committed a crime.

    I believe that a life time in prison is a good enough punishment for any criminal and can only pose a risk for the rest of society if it is made easy for that criminal to escape, which in today's prison system should not be common. Not only is life in prison enough of a punishment, I believe it gives the criminals a chance to reflect and possibly change, perhaps a negative reinforcement which is ultimately a more moral circumstance for the judge to decided.

  • Putin is not to blame

    People like to point the finger at someone. By imposing sanctions on Russia, only the people to suffer are those who are poor. It will not stop the war on the border as the pro-Russian separatists will continue their actions with or without Russian support. It's not Russian controlled, yet some people want to be Russian again and they are fighting for it.

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