• Yes, Roller Coasters Are Too Dangerous

    Roller Coasters have always been dangerous, and the opportunity for them to malfunction or create injury is too great a risk for the small amount of fun they provide. The older the roller coasters get, the higher the chance there will be a problem. Children are especially vulnerable to this problem.

  • Yes , i would say so

    I think roller coasters are getting way out of hand,many people have lost their lives on some and personally i never liked roller coasters. I have seen many youtube videos of roller coasters and many should be shut down and some have .So yes they are becoming dangerous, i would say

  • Sadly, it is so!

    Even though they can be very fun and thrilling, I do think roller coasters have not necessarily become too dangerous, but have become a little excessive. They have certainly come a long way over the years and advanced but I just feel they do a little too much and could be dangerous.

  • They are completely safe

    Most of the people who said yes know little to nothing about how a roller coaster functions, Most injuries or deaths are also in the fault of the guest. They usually don't follow the rules or do other things that they're obviously not supposed to. It is near impossible for a roller coaster to malfunction to a point of injuring anyone, And even so it is usually a Chinese, Indian, Or temporary roller coaster which are either less likely to be manufactured correctly or are in a place with little to no roller coaster safety laws.

  • Rollercoasters are very safe.

    Despite the media and news articles reporting minor operation malfunctions and the occasional injury or even death, the facts show otherwise. There is a 1 in 24 million chance of receiving an injury, and a 1 in 700 million of death. Safety is every park's #1 priority, and they work tireless hours for guest's enjoyment.

  • I say its not

    Because i feel if people have the courage to get on a roller coaster knowing what the consequences may be then if is completely there fault ... If you dont want to get on the roller coaster then dont ... But dont punish the rest of us because we enjoy the thrill and you dont

  • Accidents are still rare

    It's easy to have a knee-jerk reaction when there's an accident involving a roller coaster. However, in comparison with the number of rides taken every day, all over the world, the chances of an accident are still relatively small. Those involved in the safety of the rides should learn from accidents, but not panic over them.

  • No, I don't believe they have.

    If anything, I believe that roller coasters have actually become a lot safer. We engineer them better than we have in the past and increased safety belts and automatic stopping mechanisms have decreased the likelihood of a crash. Every roller coaster incident is going to make the news and so it looks like they are more common than they really are.

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