Have scientists had the most impact and influence on human history?

  • Science is the only impact on human history.

    I think science has everything to do with how humans have changed over period of time. Science studies now have made human life so much easier and smarter then ever before. And I am not only talking about technology, science has made differences in medical and lots of other areas. For example a normal crop that used to take 6 months to grow, now can be grown in 4 months. So science has effected everyonce life.

  • Yes, any major event in human history has been made possible by a scientist making an advance

    A scientist (or more usually a team of scientists) is (are) behind not only every technological advancement, but moreover, every shift in mindset and predominant thinking. A detractor from this argument would say that just because a new technology or idea was had does not mean that the scientist should be given credit; but this argument misses the point, which is that the possibility for new technologies or ideas come from science and it's practitioners.

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