Have singing competition reality shows reached a point of oversaturation?

  • Too many stupid singing shows

    America Idol, X-Factor, The Voice, Riseing Star, Duet, The Sing Off. There are just way too many singing reality shows on tv. It's like this is what the big tv companies want people to see, Now it seems like half of the reality shows is finding out the next big singer in america someplace. Enough singing! Try something new!

  • What happened to sitcoms?

    Reality shows, whether singing or otherwise, have over saturated the market. I do not care who can sing and who cannot. The market will determine that once the albums are released. I do not care who is dating who or who is backstabbing who. These reality shows are complete garbage! I miss the old fashioned sitcoms.

  • Yes and finally Fox reacted

    Yes singing competitions I think have reached and passed their prime. They are still fun to watch in some aspects but American Idol is on its way down and the X factor has now been canceled by Fox. It is time to move into a new realm of hit television.

  • There are so many!

    Yes, singing competition reality shows have reached a point of oversaturation, because there are so many shows they no longer turn out super stars. After Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken, the people who win these reality competitions are not even famous anymore. Between the Voice, the American Idol, and America's Got Talent, a singer can be on a variety of shows. There is no point any more.

  • I Don't Watch Them

    I believe singing competition reality shows have reached a point of over saturation. I believe they've milked the cow as much as possible. I know I'm no longer interested in this type of programming and for the most part, they have sent forth great musicians into the world, at least not prominent ones.

  • Too Many Copycats

    I personally thought American Idol had run its course prior to all of the copy cat singing competitions, but now, many years later it seems like the market is fully over saturated. I know I haven't faithfully watched any of these programs for years, but I'll be glad when they are replaced with fresh programming.

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