Have smartphones made teenagers into overly sensitive cry babies?

Asked by: Arthurblue3
  • . Cyber bullying

    . . Ever since the release of social networks and smart phones teenagers have been more easily butthurt. For example people who have been cyber bullied have killed themselves like hannah smith and other crybabies. I know people will think I'm insensitive but I am only speaking the truth. I need filler

  • No, that honor belongs to parents.

    Smartphones aren't responsible for teenagers being obnoxious crybabies. PARENTS are to blame for that- overly stifling, overprotective helicopter parents who spend the kid's entire life sheltering them from any failure or ding to the self esteem of their precious little snowflake, thereby ensuring the kid has no ability to cope with things like failure, people who are BETTER at something than they are, people who don't cater to their every whim, and colleges or jobs who don't think the universe revolves around them.

  • Visibility isn't change

    I don't know how this connection even exists; but I assume it's because complaints and whatnot are very visible now through social media platforms like Facebook/Twitter etc. But this only makes teenage nature more visible, not necessarily different, and really there is no reason for it to be different. Why would possession of a smart phone necessarily cause over sensitivity? It helps them keep connected and to readily access the media. Whatever impacts this can have, over sensitivity is not one of them.

  • Don't blame the technology

    Blame people with no imagination. There are many, many different things to do in life to pass the time and have fun even if everyone hates you. People should be taught to value survival and existence above everything else then people will not commit suicide no matter how bad things get.

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