Have social networking technologies brought tremendous changes in education in and out of the classroom?

  • It has made students to lead an independent life...

    Since entire world is running behind money & time...
    Parents don't have much time to be spent on der kids...
    Social networking help dem in leading and independent life by giving information regarding place , where do v get items ? What is a cost of it??? How can dey get it by sitting at home itself etc etc

  • It can be a way for development of student's mind

    Students love to learn more than they need...That is if a student is studying is class 5 he/she would love to learn what is taught in class 7 or 8 or9 and so on.......And all this is provided by internet.......So i fully support internet and this will make the future more bright

  • Teachers and schools now have social networking pages

    Yes, I believe that social networking have brought about major changes in education. Today a student can visit a school or a teachers facebook page and view web casts on the lessons that were taught during the day. They can receive one on one help almost 24 hours a day. Social networking also brings students together to learn from each other.

  • Yes, for good and bad.

    Now when a student wants to find out how someone in another country or another part of the country lives, he or she can just go to social networking and make a new friend. Gone are the days of waiting for pen pal letters. So there's a lot to be learned this way unless it becomes too much of a distraction from flesh and blood people nearby.

  • Social networking technologies have brought tremendous changes in education in and out of the classroom.

    Social networking technologies have brought tremendous changes in education in and out of the classroom. Classrooms are definitely different with the amount of technology that is available out there today then before. More children have access to the Internet and information at the push of a button and libraries are always changing.

  • Education has changed dramatically because of technology.

    Technology has greatly changed education both in and out of the classroom. People no longer need to attend classrooms because they can take an online course. Research has become easier because people are now able to use Google instead of making a physical trip to the library and using actual books. This was unthought of 20 years ago. I am extremely curious as to what the next 20 years will bring.

  • It has not

    It has not really changed the system...But it has made u lazy nd is stopping u frm doing the research work!!..The nly thing thy do is to spoon feed u...Books and teacher gives the best knnowledge...Nd studying online also affectsthe health..No student has ever become gr8 by studying frm the social sites!

  • No change to education

    One thing that should never happen is the social media-ization of education. Already social media has changed the face of social interaction for the worse, and the last thing that should happen is to subject classrooms and education to this phenomenon. So far, it does not appear as if Facebook has had any significant impact on this matter.

  • Tremendous is a relative term

    Social networking technologies have certainly brought changes, but so have many other changes throughout the years. If you go back far enough this question might have been debated when books were introduced to the classroom. Our world is constantly changing and in the grand scheme of things I do not know if you can describe social networking as a "tremendous" change.

  • Social Networking Hasn't Changed The Classroom

    I do not believe social networking technologies have directly changed education in and out of the classroom. I believe the Internet has made big changes and changed many facets of education, but not social networking. Social networking has allowed students and teachers to connect outside of school and it makes things more accessible, but that's about it.

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