Have technological advantages been covered up by corporations?

  • Nikola Tesla has been covered up

    The government is hiding tons of technology. They have been flying to the moon mars, and other planets with humans on board much better than we are told about in the media. Nikola Tesla has been covered up. He discovered free energy but you can't make any money off of free energy so the government covers it up.

  • Always have been

    Let's look at a few examples. Nikola Tesla made a method for free electricity all across New York. You know what happened? The rich corporations such as GE and JP Morgan stopped funding it. That's just one example. What about the water powered dune buggy? The guy who made it refused to sell the patent, died a few days later, and then everyone else who was involved went into hiding, fearing a conspiracy. A few years later, car companies come out with Hydrogen powered cars. Suspicious, no? Just think of the magnitude of that invention. WATER power. 98% of the water is undrinkable anyway, and we have a practically limitless amount. Then corporations take it for themselves, and refuse to let anyone else use it. These are just two examples. I'm sure their are many more.

  • Tesla's inventions don't work

    Maybe Tesla did somehow invent a machine to create infinte energy, but today people all over the place try to recreate work based off his patents that are totally on file. None of them work. No one's supressing anything, there's just nothing there. If this technology existed, it was lost. Hydrogen powered cars are not "water powered". Water gets split up into Hydrogen and Oxygen, and recombining that gives you power. The water is just a battery, something that you pump energy into to hold and get back later. Its not "Powering" anything.

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