Have the baby boomers squandered their children's future?

  • Baby Boomer scum

    Baby boomers are such utterly selfish monsters that they betrayed their own children's generation and destroyed their future, thru their support for mass immigration, feminism, outsourcing, pointless wars, and so on. Baby boomers are truly the most evil generation to ever exist. How evil do you have to be to sell out your own children?

  • They grew up in a time of easy prosperity with an overzealous expectation of what they deserve.

    All those tax breaks, bailouts, easy money, deregulation, and the bubbles they spawned supported the boomer wealth accumulation while shifting the true costs to the future. So in short, the great generation paid for them to have a free ride, and the millennials are paying for them to keep your free ride. Not to mention the consistent inflation with the cost of living and minimum wage, the cheap housing market at the time that they abused by refinancing their houses for jet skis and motor homes without repayment. Now they are in office and can't decide if people deserve to be educated and healthy because they might have to take a pay cut but a little, but that's not even an option to them because of the entitlement.

  • They ate their cake and their children's too

    Boomers were born into the largest, wealthiest middle-class families that this nation had ever seen. Many had their education paid for by their parents, and yet most students today pay for their education by taking out student loans. The boomers consistently voted against universal health-care, and now that they are old, it is suddenly a palatable idea for them. They cling to jobs that ought to be turned over to their children because they failed to save anything for the future. When they were lucky enough to own a home, purchased at a reasonable price, the used the equity in their homes to finance pseudo-jet-set lifestyles. They've socked money into 401k and thus they, and the banks, were the true beneficiaries of the wall street bail-out. Their greedy and over-indulgent pensions are bankrupting municipal governments. They have the highest divorce rate of any generation, leaving behind broken homes and latchkey children, and in a relentless pursuit of fleeting youth, they pop Viagra in their sports cars while starting second, third, and forth families when they will not be alive long enough to see those children to adulthood. And that's just for starters...

  • They've taken too much.

    I personally feel that the boomers have not planned the future well at all. They have planned their own future thus far but continue to hold enormous amounts of wealth. They were so powerful that they were able to manipulate the housing markets for their gain (although this may be reversing somewhat now) and failed to build houses.

  • baby boomers? better maybe the elite 1%

    All of the decisions that have been made during this time have been predicated upon the decisions of the ruling 1%. Contrary to popular opinion , the citizenry have little or no effect upon what these global elites decide. Obviously it has become readily apparent that this ruling class either cannot balance a check book or are in the truest sense fleecing the masses to satiate their megalomanical delusions.

  • No, Baby Boomers Have Not Squandered the Future

    The idea that debt is a huge burden on future generations has not been shown empirically. Several civilizations have gone through periods of large growth and prosperity while running up a higher level of debt vs. GNP. The other argument is that resources have been used up, but any exhaustible resources available to that generation would sooner or later be exhausted, the only option would be going to sustainable resources sooner or later.

  • Baby Boomers have not squandered their children's future

    We are currently in what many people consider, an economic crisis. As proven throughout history, time and time again, people always need a group of people to blame for their hardships; a scapegoat. The Germans blamed the Jews during the World Wars, and currently, consensus is blaming the baby boomers, and the baby boomers, are blaming the millennials.

  • Gen Xers Have Control of Their Own Destinies

    No generation specifically ruins the one after it. Each generation has their own faux pas to overcome and their own mark to make on the world. Baby boomers didn't squander anyone's future. Times have simply changed since the 1950s and 1960s. The greatest threat faced by baby boomers was the spread of Communism. Now, the greatest threats faced by society are global weather patterns and broke governments.

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