Have the Balkan Roma mistaken Germany as the promised land?

  • Balkan Roma Wrong About Germany

    While many Balkan Roma believe that Germany is their promised land, they are completely wrong in their assessment. Their belief is based upon various writings and whatnot, but Germany is its own sovereign land. The Roma need to look elsewhere for a promised land because they're mistaken at the moment.

  • Roma Need to Modernize, Settle Down

    The Romani people have mistaken any country as the promised land. The nomadic people need to modernize and settle down, otherwise mainstream Europeans will continue to harass and degrade them. Modernizing doesn't mean giving up traditions, it just means doing things that are typical of today's culture. Unfortunately, stereotypes are hard to overcome in Europe and the Roma need to do something about it before someone gets killed.

  • Relative to the Balklans, Germany is a sort of promised land for Roma.

    Compared with life in the Balkans, it is understandable how many Roma (gypsies) could consider Germany to be the promised land. Due to Germany's collective guilt from the Second World War, minorities including Roma are given special attention and treated better than probably anywhere else in the world. Generous social benefits and tough anti-discrimination laws are the norm in Germany. Very different from what Roma would be used to in the Balkans.

  • No, they are not imposing.

    No, the Balkan Roma have not mistaken Germany as the promised land, because the Roma have not claimed any land as territory they deserve. The Roma are not trying to displace anyone else, they simply want to have a place to call their home. The Roma are not imposing. Rather, they are nomads, who only need a place to settle, whether it is in Germany, Romania, or Hungary.

  • The Balkan Roma have not mistaken Germany as the promised land.

    The Balkan Roma have not mistaken Germany as the promised land. Ever since the European Union has been accepting travel without a visa, the Balkan Roma have been applying for asylum. Germany is a great place for those that are coming from the Balkan Roma because they do not have much there and they are horrible conditions to live in.

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