Have the benefits of recycling been exaggerated?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Recycling doesn't do much.

    Ever noticed that in the saying "reduce, reuse, and recycle", that recycling is LAST? Reduction and reuse are more important.

    The basic recycling process for paper involves blending the paper to a pulp, adding a chemical to remove the ink, and using the pulp to make more paper. The problem is ink removal, which can be toxic to the environment.

    Every time paper and plastic is recycled, it gets weaker.

  • Save the Polar Bears, Save the World

    My problem with the whole recycling campaign is what they teach in schools. Little Johnny's and Suzy's are read stories about the dying polar bears and told that evil man is the reason for their slow demise. They are told that their unwashed milk cartons, empty water bottles, and paper garbage filling up landfills here is causing the death of untold numbers of innocent wildlife (on the ice caps). It isn't just polar bears, it is everything from dolphins and pelicans, to turtles and frogs, you name it... Its dying because we are thriving. I am all for eliminating waste, but recycling isn't the catch-all answer for everything that is perceived wrong in the environment. What about the food web? Natural selection? Other factors normally considered by "scientifically minded" people. It seems politics are the biggest supporters of recycling, not the people who understand all the other variables in ecosystems.

  • NO, no and no.

    The road of least resistance and un-instant gratification cause many folks to disbelieve in any differing way of life that might inconvenience or take two minutes of their purpose fraught day of dig nothing. A 5 year old can figure out the difference that if his back yard were filled with garbage and no one ever took it away, that eventually there would be no room left. I'm sure you have a migraine trying to figure that concept, so there you have it.

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