• Socialist* China completely wins.

    Firstly, there's a slight mistake in your question. China is socialist. If they were communist, they wouldn't have consumerism because that's the complete opposite of the communist ideal.

    Secondly, socialist China has completely beaten America because the government had the drive (although morally questionable to the citizens) to increase industry as a whole. America's wars have left nations bitter and unwilling to work with America (a fair enough policy considering) and the high military expenditure decreases investment in industry. As well, the American government have taken a very relaxed attitude to industry. This is apposed to china, where economic activity is centralized and can be increased with ease. Also China hasn't majorly pissed a lot of places off so they have a broader market. China has great prospects for outsourcing also so it takes tons of industry from america fairly.

  • Yes, the Chinese have outdone the Americans in terms of consumerism.

    For decades ever since the end of World War II, in countries throughout the West, mentions of China and Chinese society have conjured up images of a backward nation thrust into the darkness of communist ideology. Yet somehow in less than the blink of an eye, China has sprung up as a giant of both capitalist production and consumer culture. That they have done so this quickly speaks to the voraciousness with which they've embraced consumerism as a nation.

  • Yes, Americans have been enslaved by greed, therefore, China thrives.

    Americans are more concerned with spending less money, than they are with fair wage, human compassion, and quality of product. China expects its poorest people to work for as little as possible, in order to survive. Americans seem to want to work for as little as possible, as well, but in order to afford as much as possible. Until the ideals of the American people begin to change, China will continue to get too much of our money.

  • Yes due to trade market

    I believe so as the Chinese have grown over the past few years and are still growing in population and in market growth. they have many trade deals across the world which are proving financially stable and rewarding. In light of this fact yes I believe they beat the American's at consumerism.

  • No, I do not believe that the communist Chinese beat the Americans at consumerism.

    No, I do not believe that the communist Chinese beat the Americans at consumerism. The western world has taken consumerism to a whole new level, and the Chinese are just starting to catch up in my opinion. Once they have continued to operate in the consumption of goods for a sustained period of time, it can be considered that they have surpassed the Americans.

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