Have the communists won in America with Obama?

Asked by: JustCheNo
  • "The communists have won in America with Obama" - Vladimir Putin

    That's right folks, straight from the mouth of the former head of the KGB and Soviet Union. Printed in Pravda, Russia's most famous Communist newspaper. If anyone should know about Communism it's Putin.

    Everything Obama has done since day one in office has lead America closer to ruin, and Communism.

  • Yes, but someone like him was inevitable.

    Yuri Bezmenov is the person that needs to be researched here. He was a former KGB agent who defected and warned us of mostly non-violent Communist infiltration during the Cold War. He said it was too late for America to turn back from socialism in the '80's. If it wasn't Communist Obama, it was going to be another. Clinton tried to implement socialized medicine in '93. Every other policy you can point to as "Communism" has been around, waiting for it's moment since probably the '20's. The Communists won in America with humanist thought 100 years ago. The PEOPLE like Communism, they just don't know it.

  • Russia is not a communist state.

    Just saying that Russia isn't a communist state anymore. In fact the communist vote accounted for 17% of the last election. And notice I said vote... Russia is a Federal Republic. As for the insinuation that America has some how become infiltrated by communists, I think maybe this sounds like some rhetoric from the J. Edger Hoover days.

  • Obama is nowhere near a Communist.

    The dimwits who call Obama a socialist or a communist clearly have no clue what those terms even mean. It would be interesting for once to see political criticisms based on actual facts and figures (not distorted and cherry picked to suit) and not this sort of ignorant, hate-filled tripe.

  • Not even close.

    As liberal as Obama might be, I would not classify his policies anywhere near "communistic" on the political spectrum. Personally, I'm disappointed at how little he's taken us in that direction, but my opinion on the merits of his policies is irrelevant to what is being discussed. The fact of the matter is, the United States is still a mixed economy, that is, utilizing certain principles of capitalism and socialism, and is quite capitalist leaning. It seems to me that this country hasn't progressed past the point of labeling anyone who favors fair taxation, moderate government intervention, and rights for the disadvantaged as a communist. This isn't the red scare, people. He's a democrat, nothing more.

  • No - where are you even getting that?

    In the US we have two political parties: a center-right party, and an extreme right party. We haven't even been able to get a single-payer universal healthcare system in place, unlike every other single first-world nation. Political Compass even puts Obama and Romney right next to each other firmly on the right side of their political spectrum map: http://www.Politicalcompass.Org/uselection2012

  • Of course not

    It always amazes me that everything that happens in this country is directly associated with our current president, I mean, everything. If a traitor divulges national secrets, well, Obama is to be blamed; if some big wig bank president steals millions from his employer, well, lets blame on the president. If aliens suddenly appear in geo synchronous orbit, well, Obama must have something to do with it. People, he's just an individual, part of a very complex human created system, period,

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Bullish says2013-06-28T18:22:15.073
There are so many things wrong with this question I don't even know where to begin..
fractaldreams says2013-06-28T18:28:34.980
Don't go believing everything you read...