Have the creators of "Shadowhunters" taken too many liberties in their creation of the show?

  • Taking liberties is what tv shows are all about

    It is the show runners' prerogative to include whatever they deem adequate or necessary to maximise the potential of their product. Not only is it one of the reasons why audiences tune-in to watch shows, it is also why we call tv making an art form. Originality or being able to convey a particular vision onto the big screen is something that shouldn't be dictated by anyone else but the artist,

  • The Books Were Better

    The creators of "Shadowhunters" have already failed making a movie based on the book series. The show itself may be better than the movie, but it is still lacking when it comes to content accuracy and storyline. The creators of "Shadowhunters" should have spent more time and more money to develop a show that wlll captivate their audience.

  • Yes, the creators of "Shadowhunters" have taken too many liberties with the show.

    In my opinion, the creators of "Shadowhunters" have definitely taken too many liberties with this show. From the commercials, you can see that almost everyone is very very attractive, which is not in line with the books. In the books, characters like Simon are supposed to be average looking at best. Also, all of the actors look much older than their book counterparts are supposed to be.

  • No. the creators of Shadowhunters have not taken too many liberties.

    No, the creation of Shadowhunters have not taken too many liberties in their creation of the show. Shadowhunter, an American fantasy show, should take liberties to create an enjoyable experience for its audience. In today's world, television shows need to be more and more innovative to get people's attention, therefore it is necessary to take some liberties

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