Have the effects of bullying been exaggerated?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Absolutely, it has been

    People have bullied each other since ancient times and kids have been bullying each other for centuries, and only now people are committing suicide because of bullying. Coping with the bullies is a part of growing up and learning how to deal with unkind people helps us cope with situations as adults, and when the new generation becomes adults they won't have these skills. I was bullied and teased all the time in school. Now every unkind behavior and childhood squabbles is considered "bullying."

  • It most definatlly is.

    The problem is that the school board is tripping over itself trying to maintain a positive image and are trying to make everything as "safe" as possible, which in turn turns us into prissy wimps and make us commit suicide because someone calls us a loser. Verbal and cyber bullying are nowhere as bad as people say. Guess what, everyone get's called names! Take it as it comes and life will be easier.

  • People are over dramatic about bullying

    Growing up I was always picked on and joked on so I just joked back and had a good laugh I don't want to put race in this but it's a major factor African Americans take bullying different most of the people that pick on me or joke on me are just trying to make people laugh so I just laugh at it also

  • Drama, attention and selfdisworth

    Kids these days are just all about that thing of I Hate the World or I Hate Myself and they do that because of Attention, BULLIYING might hurt but you can always tell a teacher and Bullying has occured for centuries and only now kids do this, kids who are being bullied these days have been the bully themselves and want to make everybody feel like theyre a poor little child, this is what Social Media does, back in the days it was all about real life, right now there are two lifes, internet and real so half the world is socially separated or socially awkward. DRAMA AND ATTENTION ARE WHAT THOSE PEOPLE THINK THEY NEED when all they need is self worth.

  • It definitely has

    What constitutes for bullying nowadays is any act made by one child that happens to upset another child, be the act minor name calling or slight pinching. All of the children I have known who have supposedly been victimized by "bullies" are whiny and overreacting. This is caused mostly be bad parenting. Parents nowadays don't teach their children to solve their own problems and get over silly little things. This is also the reason there are more suicides over bullying. No person I have ever known, including me, has ever been maliciously victimized or bullied according to the explicit definition of bullying.

  • It definitely has

    According to childstats.Gov, there are 28.3 million 12-17 year old students and only 4,400 (7% have attempted it) students die each year according to bullyingstatistics.Org which is approximately only equal to 0.00015%. According to dosomething.Org, 90% of teens who have seen social-media bullying say they have ignored it and 84% have seen others tell cyber bullies to stop, and only 10% of the victims inform their parents. I have collected these data as evidence to prove that cyber-bullying is not an important problem.

  • Of course it has,

    The new type of bullying called "cyber bullying" is not even close to as bad people say it is. Change the website if it happens or block them, it is literally the easiest thing to avoid. Bullying overall isn't as bad as back then and they didn't commit suicide. :/

  • People are over dramatic about bullying

    Growing up I was always picked on and joked on so I just joked back and had a good laugh I don't want to put race in this but it's a major factor African Americans take bullying different most of the people that pick on me or joke on me are just trying to make people laugh so I just laugh at it also

  • Generally, TeensAre Thick Skinned at this day and age

    I Mean look, the schools are just over exaggerating about cyberbullying and bullying, yes people have commited suicide due to bullying but i just feel like what 'my' School does, just is TOO over exaggerated since from my side lots of people I Know don't care enough who are 12-14

  • Short Answer: Yes. Long Answer: Ehhhhh.

    Depends what lind of bullying and how severe. In my school there was a girl known as cheesepuff because she said that was her middle name. She was a compulsive liar and was bullied by everyone in school. That was actual bullying. However, calling somebody a 'faggot' over Facebook, CS:GO or Call Of Duty or whatever most kids are into these days. (I am a child by the way) That is not considered bullying by me.

  • No because it truly does hurt people

    We live in a world today were perfect is what everyone wants to be and bullying makes people feel like they can never get to that goal. It is hard for someone to go through everyday hating themselves because of what others said. You never want to be the reason someone wants to take their life.

  • NO because you

    Are not that person. And people react to stress [bullying] differently. They may have other components of their life that are not in good shape either, so with the added invalidation from peers, it is too much for them to bear. No one can be so arrogant as to decide what is traumatizing to one person and what isn't that is a profession, like myself. Your OPINION,FANNY, doesn't matter because you haven't been hurt in this manner. And guess what? Look down at your bellybutton, do you see the universe rotating around it? NO then it isn't all about YOU.

  • There are so many definitions.

    Yea when someone calls you names that is mean, but I don't think that is bullying. When say someone obviously stronger than you AND demands your lunch money everyday that's more like bulling. Also most teachers have stronger definitions of bullying so occasionally when you tell a teacher nothing happens, but you should still tell a teacher.

  • Everyone is affected differently.

    Bullying has and always will be an ongoing issue, especially when there are people who honestly believe that all victims are just seeking attention. Bullying is something everyone has to make a conscious effort to put an end to. You say that when the new generation becomes adults, they won't have the necessary skills to cope with certain situations. Well to you I say bullshit and open your eyes, this is a devastatingly increasing problem. That many teenagers cannot deal with because of people who tell them to "shrug it off" and "it's okay, everyone experiences bullying". People who should tell them that it is not okay, that they should be asking for help and standing up to their bullies. The degree to which different people are bullied obviously varies between situations but regardless, bullying is not something anyone should have to experience and then be told that, "it's okay, it happens", as if it's normal for others to put you down. You are telling them to be okay with being treated like they are worthless and what type of adults do you think that will produce? One's without a backbone, one's that will parent their children under your same philosophy. Which obviously has not put an end to anything. Better yet, you are telling the bullies that what they're doing is okay. Additionally adding to the unnecessary pain and suffering of others.
    How do you expect victims to find self-worth when constantly day in and day out they are repeatedly told they are not good enough. Over time these people will start to believe this and of course they will jump to the conclusion that they don't actually offer anything meaningful to the world.
    Cyber bullying is often accompanied by in-person bullying, the only difference is that cyber bullying is not something you can avoid when you go home, because we are always surrounded by technology. And sure you can tell cyber bullies to stop but just because you ask someone to stop, does not mean they will. In fact, it might only encourage them to do it more. Cyber bullying is an important problem. Anything that undermines someone's self-worth is a problem and one that needs to be addressed.
    If you believe that a child commits suicide for attention. I ask you why a child would go to such extremities, as ending their own life, to receive attention they won't even be around to experience.
    If you have never been bullied, imagine one day your child is severely harassed and tormented, will you be saying the same things you are now?
    If you think bullying is being over exaggerated, to you I ask; what type of society are you producing?

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