Have the N.C.A.A and professional sports been negligent regrading awareness and treatment of brain injuries to athletes?

  • I think the NCAA has been neglecting brain injuries to athletes.

    I think that the NCAA and other professional sports leagues and teams have been slow to talk about or admit that there is a problem with brain injuries in sports because it could cost them a lot of money and perhaps even affect attendance or public opinion of the sport itself. I think they avoid the issue to avoid putting more money into remedying the problem.

  • Yes, athletes have too many brain injuries.

    Yes, the NCAA has been neglectful of awareness and treatment of brain injuries to athletes, because many athletes are injured and suffer later on in life. The incident rate of concussions, especially in football, is astounding. These young men are too young to injure themselves for life in the name of their sport. The sport should be evaluated and new rules should reduce risks.

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