• They make little sense

    Like so many other regulations coming into effect today in the US, the banking laws are actually ill thought out and actually just make things easier for existing banks. When regulations come into effect, old organizations can adapt due to their greater resources, but new ones don't have the same.

  • They have no flexibility.

    Yes, the new banking regulations have endangered the financial system, because the banks have so little flexibility they can hardly make decisions. The banks cannot lend to people that they should lend to. They also cannot refuse to lend to people with band credit, which was how the credit crisis happened in the first place.

  • It is difficult to do more damage to this system

    It is extremely hard to do more damage to his system. We could let a five-year-old with Monopoly money run the financial system, and it could not get much worse at this point. Actually, that is basically what our financial system is at the moment. There are bubbles all over the place and instability in many different countries and currencies.

  • The government has

    No, the new banking system has not hurt the financial system at all. What hurt us financially is the way that the government has been spending money, and going deeper and deeper into a debt that we can never come out of. This is what is killing our economic system.

  • The New banking regulations have not endangered the financial system

    The new banking regulations have not endangered the financial system. Laws requiring identification of account holders help to route out money that is used to fund terrorism. This is simply tracking monetary flow more closesly and preventing illegal activity from taking place. This is a benefit to the finanical system.

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