• Boston Red Sox Trade Deadline: Preview and Predictions

    It was tough to make such a definitive statement just a few days ago, when the Sox went to Toronto with a chance to make up real ground in the division and save their season. Unfortunately, the Sox dropped three of four to the Blue Jays and are now 9.5 games out of first place in the AL East.

    Boston has shown resilience in recent weeks, and it has more talent on its roster than its 47-55 record indicates. But this still isn’t a playoff-bound team, and it’s best that the front office, media and fans alike recognize that moving forward.

  • No, they haven't.

    They may have a rough rest of the season, but they needed to do something drastic in order to build their team for future seasons. I think this recent trade frenzy took everyone for a shock, but when the moment strikes, I believe you need to jump on it in order to make things better.

  • Trading away 2014 will make Sox better for 2015

    The Red Sox have officially given up on the 2014 season. It's difficult to argue otherwise, when 80% of their Opening Day rotation has been traded with John Lester, Felix Doubrount, John Lackey, and Jake Peavy suiting up for other teams. This isn't a rebuild though. Boston, instead of receiving prospects that could be years away, traded for major-league ready talent that is locked up long term and also cost effective. With their remaining pieces, and a fresh season for some injured players, the Red Sox are in a position to compete next year because of their moves.

  • No matter what there will always be a Trade going on.

    In the sports world there is always someone getting traded because everyday, there is always new talents that are being discovered, or there is a player who is requesting more money or, that alone they become worth more in the future, and there are other teams that are looking to pay for the best. So with that being said that answer would be no.

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