Have the years since the conclusion of the John Howard era in Australia enhanced that same man's legacy?

  • John Howard Was Good Leader

    John Howard was a good leader for Australia. The time since he left office has demonstrated he was good for Australia because no one has done the same job since then. Howard left office just before the Great Recession. He led Australia through a period of economic prosperity that was unmatched. His policies would have done better had the recession not happened in 2007 and 2008.

  • Yes it has

    Yes, even after John Howard left the office of prime minister in Australia, his ideas and programs are still pushing Australia forward and propelling them to become a much more powerful and wealthy nation when compared to the other world powers that are running the world today. His legacy will always be remembered.

  • It is positive

    Australia has a very popular image on the world stage while, at the same time, not drawing much hatred from the world as well. Australia has managed to be taken seriously on the world stage and be relevant in the region while at the same time avoiding the emnity others face.

  • He is remembered positively.

    Yes, the years since the conclusion of the John Howard era in Australia has enhanced the same man's legacy, because he government Australia through some positive times. History has remembered him in a positive way, because history does not get bogged down in the day to day, or in winning political battles.

  • He Wasn't Supported On Everything

    While overall John Howard was a great political leader for Austrailia he was also opposed on some items over the years. It is legitimate to believe that his good points, the ones supported by the masses of that country still linger and are probably part of legacy remain, it does not indicate that these tenets will remain now that his era has concluded.

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