• Yes, I think verterans have earned the right to free health care.

    Veterans risked their life for the safety of the United States and I feel that the Government that sent them to war should provide health services to them when they return home, even though our military is all volunteer I think that the country should hold our veterans in high regard and provide for them.

  • Yes, they have.

    Veterans deserve very good treatment from the government, even though they already have amazing benefits, they still should have the right for free health care. They have served out country likely endangering their own life for the sake of our own. Free health care should be a minor thing to offer such a sacrifice.

  • I think so

    At the very least it should be heavily discounted, most veterans come home with some sort of psychological trauma and a noteworthy portion have physical problems from their service as well. It seems only right to provide them with free healthcare for their sacrifice, or failing that at least paying a fraction of the price.

  • Veterans Owed Much

    Veterans have earned a lot of free stuff thanks to their service to the people of the United States. If someone fulfills their four years of service and is honorably discharged, that person deserves free health care for the rest of his/her life for voluntarily putting his/her life on the line.

  • Yes,veterans have definitely earned free health care

    Yes,veterans have definitely earned the right to free health care.That's the least the country can do for someone who has risked their life for their.Even if they did not suffer any injuries during their actual tour of duty,they still deserve free health care.Problems related to service could pop up years after their combat that were not first detected.

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