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  • They sure can

    They haven't ruined everyone's lives of course, but they have some. Some people decide not to go to college because they know they could have more fun playing World of Warcraft on their computer. This is hurtful to the labor force and for our upcoming generation of leaders. Some people are so addicted that they spend 10 hours a day playing video games and think that they don't need to get a job or move out. This is obviously harmful, and has ruined some lives.

  • Videogames have not ruined student's studies or life!

    There are people who play videogames, are in a young grade, and are taking an advanced math class (high school level). I think this proves that most student's studies aren't destroyed by videogames. And even those who are average, or below average, and play videogames lives aren't RUINED! Videogames are an art form, not some stupid little trivial thing that ruins kids lives! If videogames stop being treated as life-ruiners, and are actually respected, methinks that videogames will stop ruining peoples lives! They weren't in the first place, but, like DnD, they are blamed for things like teen suicides and interruption with studies and everyday life. Videogames should be treated like movies, books, or painting: like an art form.

  • Of course not

    Why would they ruin thier lives,it gives them a fun thing to do on the weekends or just for fun. I love video game and I'm happy. I'm a straight A student I have friends and am as happy as can be. My friends play video game and have good grades and stuff.

  • It is your choice

    When you see anyone with a video game you know that no one has went to the trouble to enforce someone to play video games and they have no right to say Video games waste people's time, if you take a wrong turn because you looked at a map wrong you wasted your time, the map did not waste yours. To say that you never had a choice and that the game wasted your time is stupid, you wasted YOUR time, YOU had a choice to not play it.

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