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  • No. Median Wages have stagnated.

    Most wage earners are working more for the same money. Much of the middle class is slipping into poverty. What we see now is a downwardly mobile middle class.
    Corporate profits are up, the stock market is doing quite well, but the vast majority of working Americans see no direct benefit from any of this. The benefits of increased productivity go to those at the top of the income pyramid.
    It's warm p*ss trickle down economics.

  • No, inflation has far outpaced wage growth

    Though the basic dollar amount of median wages has grown, it has grown much more slowly than inflation. The minimum wage, while higher than it has ever been in terms of dollar amount, gives workers less purchasing power than at any time before now. The days of a single breadwinner comfortably supporting an entire family are long gone.

  • Absolutely not!

    Everything is going up except people's salaries. Families that were once comfortable are now scraping by, even though they've made no change to their lifestyles. Prices of everything have gone up tremendously, and salaries have not risen to compensate for those price increases. The gap between the haves and the have nots gets wider every day.

  • No, not at the lower levels of income.

    People who work for minimum wage are not able to keep up with inflation. It is barely possible for a person working minimum wage to even afford their own apartment, forcing them to live with friends or family and share expenses. A can of coffee costs roughly an hour's wage, and there are only forty hours in a work week. People at the lower levels of income are having to constantly adjust their lifestyles lower in order to survive. The cost of living adjustments are supposed to correct for that but they do not.

  • No. This is basically a fact.

    This is less of an opinion question and more of a fact. When use the inflation rate over time to look at the "real" wages that people earn, the truth is that people are, on average, making less money than they used to. This is due in part to a service economy that involves lots of low wage jobs.

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