• People misunderstand inflation

    The real number in statistic show that our income is only 7% higher in the past 50 years compare with real inflation. Which is rather sad, but the answer to the question is still "yes". Real wages is growing faster then inflation. People's view usually get confused since everyday purchases is only a part of the inflation calculation. Food cost of course is rising faster then inflation. But 20 years ago a laundry machine was $600, and 20 years a laundry machine is still $600!!!! Computer actually is cheaper 20 years later. So poor people feel the pain more, but the answer of the question is still "yes"

  • Wages are stagnating as life gets more expensive.

    My personal experience has led me to believe that wage increases have not even come close to reflecting inflation of prices. Many workers in 1989 were making the exact same wages as their present day counterparts, but the money went further because almost everything was less expensive. My dream after I graduated college was to become an EMT because I really like the idea of giving sick and injured people treatment and comfort. However, I was almost insulted when I was offered $8.50/hr and had to find other employment. Life in general costs much more than that. Now I lead medical research studies but still only make $10/hr.

  • If people have no money nothing will be purchased

    We have this debate over and over with business to agree with a wage rate best for both parties but it never benefits the poor as we should know capitalism is for the rich. It starts with our own government to change this for all. Money makes the businesses shine but from the pockets of the rich.

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