Have we as a nation achieved a truly democratic society?

  • Yes because my friend is to poor to buy bo3

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  • Yes because my friend is to poor to buy bo3

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • We are to free

    In our counrty everything is to free and no one cares. . . . .
    My friend cant buy bo3 because he is poor like why cant it be free. . . . Lets just make everything free and vote yes on everything we want to make happen and so we can all get bo3 and my friend can stop complaining

  • Not at all

    I dont think a republic a true democracy. Seems like a true democracy would have the ability for the public to vote on all laws. Why do i not have an app on my phone that i use to vote on everything being put forth in my local, state and federal government. Additionally we should be able to change our vote whenever, if we change our opinion.

  • We are not nor ever will be.

    No, we are not a truly democratic society. In our Constitution there is not one mention of a democratic government. The Founders feared Democracy because of its numerous failures in the past. They chose a REPUBLIC to be our main government because of the stability. Some may say that we are a democratic society, but they are wrong. A truly democratic society would mean that the people controlled the government and laws would be chosen by majority rule. In my opinion, it is a good thing that our Nation is not a truly democratic society because then our nation would eventually crumble at a very fast rate. All those minorities would cause rebellions and mini attacks would cause colossal damage to the support system. And overtime (a short amount of time) our Nation would cease to exist and be overtaken by another country.

  • Yes, We Have Political Equality, but Lack Economic Opportunity

    Money talks, you-know-what walks, and you don’t drive no Cadillac. This old
    saying describes the situation of many Americans. They have the right to vote
    and equality before the law, but the wealthy still hold the economic power.
    People born in a certain social class are likely to stay there, whether they are
    born very rich or very poor. The cure for this situation lies in improved
    education, so people can get good jobs, and their children can get even better
    educations and climb the social ladder.

  • No we have not.

    As a society we have not yet achieved a truly democratic way of living. The government still has the majority of the say as to how things happen and when we vote our votes do not count as much as the officials. There is still improvements that need to be made.

  • A "Democracy"? NO!

    If we WERE a truly "Democratic" society, NO ONE would still have to FIGHT for what is said to be their "God given" Human, Civil and constitutional rights. But There are more than a few "groups" of Americans that apparently still MUST, just to achieve a SLIVER of equality. American Men, and American Indians among them. (African Americans, while doing better, STILL have a ways to go, yet too.) We would also not have a government that legislates in favor of one group of Americans to the detriment of another group or other groups, yet we see said government in this type of action all the time. There would also be no use of the media as a propaganda tool against ANY group of Americans, Yet the media is used just FOR this purpose in favor of feminism against Men. (HALF the U.S. Population).
    So, No We are FAR from being a "Democratic" society. In fact we are slipping quite fast in the OPPOSITE direction.

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