• Yes, education has been comprimised for profit.

    Schools that make the most money have the best teachers. They're able to charge the most amount of money and pay the most to their faculty. When smaller schools don't make the same amount of money they cannot pay for the same level of teacher. The schools cut the quality of education for the sake of being able to profit or stay afloat.

  • Comprised education for profit

    Yes, we have comprised education for profit. I feel that all that anyone cares about is profit now. I had an education ran out of money to pay for it and never was able to complete it. Now I have student loans and debt I cannot afford at all the interest rate on them is awful.

  • We have comprised education for profit.

    I have felt for some time that the colleges and universities today are more interested in making money than they are with providing a quality education to their students. They require students to take courses completely irrelevant to their chosen major and that will never be required knowledge for life in general.

  • In Some Cases

    When you look to the publishers who create the textbooks schools and students have been forced to purchase for so long, I think it is easy to see that profit has come in the way of education. This is just another example of American corporations being greedy beyond what is proper for society. American corporations need to be more socially responsible.

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