Have we got it wrong in our indoctrinated understanding of God?

Asked by: whatten
  • Saturation advertising is a psychological no no where the vulnerable human mind is concerned...Especially a child's mind.

    Yes, through abuse if its unchecked advertising power to saturate society ( and especially our children) with worthless values. As a unproductive result, society (and especially our children) have been overloaded with 24/7 Hollywood scripted ego delivered news & information…compliments of commercial television. Saturated with advertisements, endless promo’s, products galore, electronic jasmine’s, fruitcake reality shows, adolescent scripted entertainment, singing minstrels, twanging guitars and human gods & goddesses dancing the seven warped veils. Compounded with, glossy magazine impregnated human stars and winners galore, scantily clad human bunnies with genetic complications, how-to books, motivation guru’s, literary shock jocks, spin doctors, super salesmen (and women), financial experts & innumerable other commercial media accredited experts with their fingers in the advertising pie...And of course big bucks.

  • Sure we do.

    Anytime something is indoctrinated into us, there is a good chance that the belief is wrong. This is especially true about people's understanding of god. Most, if not all, of the information in the Bible was put there by man. I was put there by powerful people in order to keep the masses under control.

  • We understand God right

    No, I don't think we have it wrong in our indoctrinated understanding of God. It is up to each person to read the bible and see how it speaks to them. Different people learn differently about the nature of God because everyone thinks a bit differently. However, at the core of God, every believer still beliefs that God is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that only through his Son we can be saved.

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