Have western feminists achieved their goal of equality?

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  • Yes they have.

    We have laws that protect women. Now there are still inequalities against women, but on paper they have won. Over time, the application of the written law will occur, as people become more and more socially liberal, and less and less misogynist. I think that feminism has crossed a delicate line in US. It is beginning to cross over into oppression and misandry. The radical feminists are not for equality. Instead of attempting to really do what the original feminists wanted which was equality for both genders, they focus solely on oppression against women, and ignore oppression against men (which to a slightly smaller degree, does exist). They also focus on perceived oppression. They perceive that porn, is somehow leading to the degradation of women, furthering sex trafficking, and increasing rape. Now, sex trafficking is really not big for anything except prostitution, which is not porn. Most porn is produced by companies owned by corporations, or made by amateurs filming themselves. And the mere fact that most men are sexually attracted to women does not mean that they will rape a woman. Rape and molestation have been examined by those who deal with psychology for quite some time. It is mostly about power, not about sex.

    Modern feminists need to do three things.

    A. Stop calling people rape apologists who really aren't for rape. Sure there are some people, but that makes up the vast minority of the population. And men get raped as well. It is significantly less reported, due to social pressure.

    B. Start looking overseas. You want to see where the real oppression is? Just go look at the middle east. Go look at the countries that actually, on paper, oppress women and bar them from schools.

    C. Team up with men. A lot of men are for gender equality as well. If you stop focusing solely on inequalities against women, and focus on the inequalities against both, you will get a lot more support, and do a lot more for total gender equality then you will with your current positions and beliefs.

  • Equality in the west

    In developed countries, there is pretty much nothing that men can do that women can't. There are virtually no significant laws that can be legitimately be called sexist any more. We live in an age when if someone wants to, they can pretty much live their life outside traditional gender roles.

  • No because we have surpassed men

    Equal rights?
    This is wrong, because we have clearly surpassed us in terms of equality in the past 50 years. Men cannot even fight back because we would be accused of being anti-feminist. The problem here is that we are just pretending to be weaker, and not be equal, because we have actual infact surpassed them.

  • No, women are not yet equal.

    Women are not yet equal in western society (I'll talk about the United States here). As an example, if men are parents, they're more likely to be hired for a job. But if women are parents, then the opposite is true. There is a double standard. Additionally, women are seen as objects, as can be seen through advertising, television, etc, whereas men are seen as humans and not objectified. There is still a long way to go to be equal.

  • They have not.

    Western feminists have not achieved their goal of equality. They have made some great strides as of late, but they still are not quite there yet. Men still have many more benefits that women still do not have and until those are gone, there will not be 100% equality in the US.

  • Not totally, no

    I do not think that western feminists have completely achieved their goal of gender equality. I think that western feminists have come a long way and made a lot of great changes in gender equality in society, but equality has not completely been reached. There are still a lot of gender stereotypes that need to be addressed.

  • No, but it's a good start.

    Feminists in the west have certainly brought a lot of attention over the past 50 years to things that needed to be changed and some of them have changed. Girls now expect to be educated and to have a career. However, there are still glass ceilings and expectations around family life that hinder them.

  • No they will always push for more

    I think feminists have achieved a lot as far as equality goes but there is not a full equality in the US yet. Even if we did reach that point feminists would still push for more anyway. I think there is still some work to go in order to get full equality.

  • Men and Women are still not completely equal

    A lot of progress has been made, but sexism still exists towards both genders. Women are paid less than men for equal work and are often thought of as less intelligent or as sex objects. As an aspiring writer, I know that the television and film industry is certainly sexist- a very small amount of writers and directors are women. Women are also thought of by many as incapable of leadership roles, even if they do not have families or the Dad is the stay- at- home.

    There is certainly inequality towards men too. Men receive more jail time than a women for the same crime and there are thousands of domestic abuse cases woman on man that go unreported because men don't want to admit being abused and many don't think it is even a thing. Men are also not supposed to express their emotions leading them to be sad for longer than women because women get an emotional outlet.

  • Where is the equality in that?

    There is much progress for women in regards to equality, but the goal of equality had not been fulfilled. Women are still underpaid compared to men. For every dollar men make, women only earn .75 cents. Where is the equality in that? Further, women are often seen as sexual objects, which lowers women's image by undergrading them.

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