Have women degraded themselves to become the very thing they claim to fight; uneducated, objects of pleasure concerned more with lust than with class?

Asked by: Tes95
Have women degraded themselves to become the very thing they claim to fight; uneducated, objects of pleasure concerned more with lust than with class?
  • They definately have

    Women have definately began to degrade themselves, there's no doubt about it. You see it everywhere, girls are walking around with hardly anything on. It's a lack of dignity. There are some argument to be made that men do the same thing, but really they don't. The feminist movement supports the removal of bras and shirts for women and they feel as though it is empowering to sexualize yourself, when it's actually the opposite. Anyways, this is the exposure of a sexual organ, not abs or bicep muscles if a man were to where go without a shirt. It's completely different, and men don't go around flaunting the penis or ass. And nowadays hip hop culture is ruining them, turning young women into sex dolls that where pounds of makeup and go out wearing next to nothing, it's shameful. Of course this is not all women, but it has now become a culture of women, that stretches all over North America. If you disagree you're simply wrong because it is visible everywhere, and yes women still do many great things, buts it's not about that. The evidence is irrefutable that their motives are changing and it's because of the media.

  • Sadly, this is why Radical Islamic Fundamental men are planning and preparing to rule over them and treat them appropriately...

    Western men will not defend these women as they have so degraded themselves by breeding with all the beasts of the field. Their slaughter will be profound, our nation's will fall one by one until Jesus returns and saves all that confess. I'm saddened by this to my core, I cringe and have to look away as my people destroy themselves. Sin came to the world through the woman and now it is pregnant with that fruit, the fruit of destruction. May God have mercy upon us.

  • Music industry and hollywood

    When you look at the music industry all these women like beyonce and rhianna talk about acting like strippers getting wasted on alchohol and drugs using their bodies for money and drugs having multiple relationships i mean wtf? All the male rappers continually degrade women in all of their music and no one says one thing the women who march in washington are birdbrains. They wonder what happened to their rights or why they get raped well dress like a slut get a guy to buy you drinks and give you $ then excite him sexually then you get raped well i wonder why. Common sense is no longer common in todays society. Hollywood and the music industry are setting back womens rights to the days of where brothels and houses of ill repute were a daily acurance. Women have no decency and their proud to of slept with multiple men, who walk out the door scantily clad, their proud to be like a stripper. Being a married woman today is like being an outcast by liberals. Others get pregnant by guys they dont see being with. I veiw a single mother as a dummy i dont have sympathy for them they wear it as a badge of honor when its really a bad decision that costs taxpayers billions.

  • From my experience, the women I've dated, yes.

    This is just my experience and I don't claim or assume this is all women, but the women I've liked and tried to get closer to and in some cases dated have mostly avoided deep conversations about our individual journeys to find purpose, meaning, understanding and philosophy/perspective of our life and discussing what we want to really do and accomplish with our lives. I could elaborate more but im too tired and really feeling pretty hopeless about women and the world in general right now.

  • Women are digging their own graves

    These days a majority of women have no scruples, no morality and completely lack any kind of values that would form a strong family and consequently a strong society.These are the women that find it perfectly acceptable to sleep around with multiple men and then complain about being judged as loose or immoral.I'm not saying that it's okay for men to be doing the same thing but we are talking about women and the consequence of their actions on society.Women have the power to change the direction of society to one that focuses on fidelity and loyalty in relationships - this is what will build a strong generation for tomorrow.It's quite unfortunate that in the name of liberalism they denigrate monogamy,justify having open relationships or affairs while paying little attention to how these actions negatively impact children that learn from their parents actions.
    As a woman myself,I'm appalled by what I see around me everyday and wonder if there is any hope for redemption at all.

  • Yes because woman have become seductive

    Yes because women today have become very seductive floanting their bodies around like they're dangling meat in front of the lions and then blaming men for looking it's like if you lock a dog in a room and say "now don't pee in here!" I mean can you blame the dog(man) now I'm not saying all women have degenerated but a good portion of them have.

  • Yes, a lot have

    Just look at pictures that they put up, if I didn't know better I'd swear the only thing women thought they have of value is cleavage. Constant selfie, pictures looking for confirmation of there beauty, poses that they do, that stupid fish face I don't even know what that means, several women now and days have no idea what the word lady means. I'm not saying to be submissive, or obedient I'm saying to be a lady act like a lady have a slight degree of modesty and shame, your not a receptacle please stop acting like one.

  • Yes They degrade themselves

    Yes they have ... Whoever disagrees is probably a male and wants to keep degrading women... I see it all the time in every race ... Women think they were just born to open their legs and pop kids out in which household does the women have to cook, have to take care of the children entirely on her own even if bf or hubby is present, and is having sex with her hubby bf even if her head hurts etc.. Its just very sad.. How the weight is placed on women and not males .. Women even blame themselves for their own divorce .. And society does to why cus she wasnt being much of his slave??? We really need to learn how to respect ourselves... I see this all the time and no im not saying to stop having kids..Or stop cooking .. Do these things because you want to not because its sexy to your partner etc .. Learn self respect

  • How many women do you see who don't dress to fashion?

    Pretty much every woman I see dresses to the latest fashion which in itself is turning yourself into the center of attention and most fashions are skimpy to say the least.

    Many women confuse fashion with class, fashion is fueld by lust and to conform to it is to be lusted after.
    Even doing things like buying branded whatever just because it is popular is very shallow.

  • Yes, most women have

    Yes, most women who hold to this pride of feminism have actually proven the opposite. If it is not prostitution, then it is homosexuality. Many women use their looks to charm to get attention or to get what they want. You don't have to stand on a corner in boots to be a prostitute. You can be in a corporate building in a business suit and still sell your body. Many women who claim to be independent are actually the main ones who are looking for someone to depend upon. As for as being uneducated, there are many intelligent women, but that does not make them wise. Their intelligence is foolish if they are not educated with the truth about what God has made them to do and to be.

  • "Women" is too vague.

    There are real women out there. They aren't involved in this bullcrap, thank goodness. If they were, I'd be single for life.
    Nobody has fought to become uneducated. That doesn't even make sense. Education is beneficial, but the problem with education, in case one hasn't noticed lately, the mentality of the TV is spread throughout all these nooks and crannies, so that when one wants to learn, they have to "sit through the commercials" as it were, sometimes taking up more than the actual show. In education, the commercial greedy slimeballs of society have poisoned education with their evil motives.
    As for becoming objects of pleasure and so on, there are both men and women who do this on a regular basis. You can see some of them through the gym windows looking at themselves in the mirrors.

  • All women are different

    Some women have degraded themselves and don't even realize they are doing it. I believe though, it's a small portion of the population. At the same time some women are degrading themselves, many more have taken on the roles and jobs that women of the past helped fight to get them in to.

  • It is not true.

    Women getting better and better each year. Nowadays they are able to not just handle family but even carrier at the same time. I strongly believe that women getting more educated in some fields that do not make man happy. Women do not consider themselves as an objects of pleasure, but they do know that if they want to satisfy their own desires they have to look in a different way. It is simple as that.

  • No they haven't.

    It is unfair to group all women into the same category. Sure, some women may be that way, but it is not true that all women are the same. Who campaigned for black civil rights? Rosa Parks. Do you see Princess Catherine patrolling around in tiny outfits and making crude remarks? NO! Ok, I can admit that some celebrities might be that way and give you that idea, but overall women ARE concerned with education, they AREN'T just objects of pleasure.

  • Not at All.

    I am going to be honest here, the question is poorly phrased and in some ways is downright sexist. I don't think that it is accurate to say that women have degraded themselves in any way, shape, or form. They have made remarkable advances in all areas of the world.

  • No, and you can't generalize in that way, anyways.

    Women as a whole have done nothing of the sort. Some women have, yes, they have degraded themselves to that point, and are living in a land of uneducated fantasy, but the same can be said for men and for transgendered roles too. At least 90% of the women I have met, are committed to educating themselves, to finding out where they truly fit in society, and are more modest than the women of the previous eras, and not just because that's the societal norm of the week, but because that's what they truly believe is right.

  • It may seem so, but no it is society in general.

    It may very well seem that women have become objects of sexual lust in our society. I contend that it is not women themselves that are doing this to themselves, it is society in general. With the Internet making pornography so easy and readily available, men's appetites have become more perverse and more and more women are finding themselves the victim's of society, not of their own moral choices. Young women are objectified and feel that they must conform in order to fit in. It isn't their fault, but society's.

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