Have women proven that they are capable of becoming integral members of the U.S. military?

  • Yes, they perform many functions just as well as men.

    Although I personally think the whole idea of a military is ridiculous (look at Costa Rica and other countries that don't waste money on the military and have so much more for more important issues and services) I do think that as long as we have a military, women should be completely free to serve in whatever capacity that can. The sexist behaviors within the military should be stopped, no tolerance allowed, and thus permit women to perform valuable functions.

    Posted by: 54IInferno
  • Women can do exactly what men can do so this includes military duties.

    There have been many women that have been active in the military. They have been great leaders and done good things for our country. You can not discount the fact that women are strong and keep our country running in other aspects, so why not the military? Many times women can do tasks that men cannot because they are often quicker and can do them without being noticed.

    Posted by: B3rkIffy
  • Women have proved themselves in both combat (fighter pilots) and noncombat roles in the military.

    Women have been integrated into the US military since WWII when they were badly needed in "support" roles to fill the ranks. Since then women have proved themselves to be very reliable service members as shown by their promotions to ever higher ranks and positions in the military. I believe they have also provided a civilizing and/or calming effect on their male counterparts.

    Posted by: TigerFaber
  • Yes they have.

    Women are a critical part of our armed services. Women have served honorably for years and demonstrated a capacity to handle any job efficiently and effectively. They have risen to the highest levels of the military and have provided honorable service to our country. In fact, the thing most holding women back is the chauvinistic attitudes of the men in power, accepting discrimination and sexual harassment.

    Posted by: R43Shep
  • Yes, despite their physical/biological differences from men, women have proven to be more than capable of becoming integral members of the U.S. military, whether in combat or non-combative positions.

    First, the U.S. military needs all of the recruits it can get, male and female. Without women, the military would fall far short on its man-power capabilities. In addition, women have proven to serve vital roles that men have not managed to fulfill, such as the female U.S. Coast Guardsman who, in 2006, was a whistle-blower for a number of rapes that occurred within the U.S. military. She has also started a military rape crisis center, and has pushed for stronger laws to protect sexual assault victims in the military.

    Posted by: MurGuanto
  • Women are more than capable.

    Women have the power, concentration and intelligence to serve as any role inside the military. They have different abilities that can improve the military approach towards enemies. Women have different leading skills and different ways of thinking that can change how the enemy will predict our attacks. Women can be the key for an efficient plan and movements in any role inside the military.

  • Gonna happen anyways

    Women are capable of doing lots of things men can do, and if not they still have the courage and bravery of one. You shouldn't ever hold back a woman from what she wants to do, so she can do so if it's legal or another human being can. Don't give me the "what has women done with humanity besides give birth?" Nonsense. Women weren't allowed to do MANY things like men, giving men an advantage. Plus if a woman invented something they had to give the title to their dad or brother. Many things that were 'made' and known for today are men but many could have been made by women.

  • The only difference is gender.

    Why wouldn't they be capable? Women are just as tough as men, if not tougher. If any man tries to argue try being in labor for 30 some hours! Or having a monthly reminder you're not pregnant. Being a women in the military may be tough, but we've proved capable long long ago.

  • women going into combat

    Because women have fought and died protecting this country and men are doing the same thing. In fact some things women do better than men do. Women go through the same thing men go through so why not let them go into battle with men. That's just how I feel.

  • Women have the right to do so

    The question here is not whether women are capable or not. While it is argued that the efficiency of an army and its personnel is vital in the running and operations in the army, which women across the board have proven, in multiple roles that they are more than p to the task, the main issue here is their ability to serve.

    The issue is of the rights of these women. Who are we to deny the right to serve the nation and the soil that they love. Are men the only ones capable of fighting and making peace. In fact, many would say that men are the exact opposite of that. Women should be given the chance to become integral members in the US Military not because they have to pass a test to be capable enough, but the very fact that they are humans, citizens of the nation and patriots of the flag. These women have the same fighting spirit as the men, willing to lay down their lives for the nation and for their loved ones.

    In the end, it is not whether they will be able to run a marathon in record time or shoot 20 hostiles before they are injured. It is the spirit, because at the end of the day, it is your mettle that counts, and in every man or woman willing to die to serve the country, the United States has a truly capable soldier.

  • Women should stay home

    Its a mans job. Its been this way forever men fought in world war 1, world war 2 , and vietnam, etc. the men fight and die for this country women do not have the strenght or the courage to fight a MANS war. Stop trying to be equal its not attactive its like women saying she wants a penis. So give it up

  • No, definitely not

    This isn't fair to the men. In Israel, it is proven that if a women is shot, a medic will go over and try to save her before another man. Combat in the military is a man's job. Now with Ranger School being open to women, it's going to be a disaster. I can't believe that this is happening, and I hope that physical standards are not lowered because in the end, technology does fail, and nothing stops that. Minus well let the women sign up for the draft if they want to be "treated equally." This will cause friction no matter what. Not to mention that it is natural instinct for a man to save a women's life even if it means both of them die.

  • As a gender, overall, women still have yet to prove they are as integral to the military as men are.

    There are many women who serve their country with fierce devotion and just as well as their male counterparts. On naval vessels, as pilots, and even on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, many women have made notable contributions in service to their country. But, they are the exceptions within their gender. Men still make up the majority of the military, and women are not required to register with the selective service, like men are.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • No, women, as a whole, have not proven that they are capable of becoming integral members of the U.S. military, because only a few best of the best have made the cut so far.

    How well or poorly women perform as a group in the military will not be known until they are recruited or drafted in large numbers, so we can see how the average female recruit reacts to the system. Right now, all we have are the most "gung-ho" and determined women in the military, who fought from day one to get into the military and kept fighting. They are the exceptional exceptions, not the rule. It is like saying, because the special forces are so great, that every soldier should be able to pull off the same things they do. For every woman that succeeds in the military now, there are probably dozens that quit and wash out, that we never hear about.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • It is still like putting a female in a football game of male players.

    Some women may be capable of defending themselves against a male
    enemy but most are not. Women are very capable to serve in the military
    in most aspects but combat, a big part of it, is still doubtful. Which is
    not to say women are incompetent, just built differently in ways that
    men mostly have the advantage. I served in the military and am female;
    I would much rather have the guys fighting and making most of the

    Posted by: MarsBIue

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