Have women surpassed their male counterparts in all walks of life?

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  • Yes we have surpassed men

    Why? Because we do. Women nowadays aren't like before-weak and vulnerable. In fact, we have been educated, preached, we learnt and we do. We actually started to DO things instead of TALK! Women are slowly climbing up the mountain while men, are still down there waiting for us to fall in order for them to catch up. However, not all men are like this-I'm saying majority of men of them don't have the drive to do anything at all-merely talk.

  • I agree YES! YES!

    "Where is the man who has the power and skill to stem the torrent of a woman's will? For if she will, she will, you may depend on't. And if she won't, she won't; so there's an end on't." This quote was once said by someone very intelligent - J.S. J

  • Yes, In MOST walks of life

    Young women are leaving young men in the dust. 1. 5 women earn a college degree for every 1 man. More women are accepted into med school and law school than men. Young women under 30 already outearn men. According to the latest research young women have more career ambition than men. So, Let's see. Women outclass men in school and the new younger generation of women outearns their male counterparts. Seems pretty clear to me!

  • All is extreme, but generally signs show the sky's the limit

    It's been clear for quite some time that women held the advantage academically but are now really grabbing hold of that advantage. Women have also always been more empathetic, which in today's workforce is a key factor in success in an information society. This is why women are starting to occupy the majority of management positions. The only thing standing in their way of really taking off in this regard is that they haven't wanted to hold the upper hand in this area. I know so many women who have turned down an upper management position offered to them. Once there, they do very well. The academic advantage will only further support this. Men have traditionally made more money, but that shift is swiftly swinging the other way. Women haven't yet surpassed men in athletics and it would be a stretch to say they ever will be "stronger." However, the gap is also closing here and it is somewhat more common to see a woman be stronger than a man, and if we broaden the athletic view, far more women are faster and able to outperform men in skill sports than would have been able to do so 40 years ago. This is the one area men cling to but its now a much more narrow advantage.

  • Simon says MOTHER F$%^ER!

    As culture has become more and less bourgeois it has come to my attention that it could do better with respect to gender status. The glass ceiling being that looking glass is unacceptable and should not be treated as a mirror for a woman. They should not measure their success on what they've overcome but on how far they've gone. Kinda like a mental patient. However much and far woman have come though there will always be one job that men will always do better than woman. Their is not only a glass ceiling on this job, the glass has been reinforced with 20 thick concrete reinforced with re-bar forged in a dying star. That job of course, the one men must always be greater at, is sperm donor. You're welcome. ;)

  • You go girl....Not so much

    Men have certain attributes, mainly physical, that simply cannot and won't be matched by women. We are talking on average of course. There are instances of women who are taller, stronger, faster than some men, but the top men will always beat the top women. That's why we don't have mixed gender sports. Almost all sports and physical competitions women and men don't compete directly. Simple physics and the ways men and women are built. Also, women can't be good male role models for boys....Cause they aren't men....

  • Why even bother?

    If you are going to word a resolution with absolutes, you best be sure that you word it correctly, otherwise you be screwed. In this case, there is no way for the other side to prove that their side is correct, as even that would prove a point for my side.

  • Two large groups, with one superior in every dimension? Not likely!

    The Free Dictionary defines "walks of life" as "an occupation, profession, or social class", and in this women must certainly have not surpassed their male counterparts. According to the source below ("urbanhabitat.Org"), "the median value of assets held by women is almost always lower than that of their male counterparts". Page 13 of the second source (from the Census Bureau) shows that men consistently receive higher salaries than women.

    On a more political note, there are 78 women serving in the United States House of Representatives (which is about 16% of the total membership); regardless of the reason, women most certainly have not surpassed men in their political influence.

    It is true that more women are receiving college degrees than men, that they live longer, etc. But I would certainly not say they have, by any stretch of the imagination, surpassed their male counterparts in "all walks of life".



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