Have you checked your online accounts to make sure you haven't been hacked?

  • I have checked my accounts

    I have checked my online accounts to make sure I have not been hacked. I am lucky in which I do not have any bank accounts. I only have a few social media websites and an email address. All of these of not been hacked. I feel real remorse for the unlucky ones who have been hacked.

  • Yes, checking online accounts regularly helps monitor activity and detect fraud.

    It is my belief that checking online accounts regularly is necessary to ensure that no one has hacked into your account. This is especially important with accounts that are linked to your bank accounts and credit cards. With the Target credit card incident that occurred in the Fall of 2013, even people who shop in retail stores (as opposed to online) are susceptible to credit card theft. For the good of your financial stability, regularly checking that there are no strange charges on your accounts is a necessity.

  • Safety First, No Matter What

    While the internet is slowly evolving from its days as the wild, wild west, security is still an issue. Luckily, most organizations have become well-equipped at battling any intruders. But as the old axiom goes, when the fences grow taller, the thieves learn to jump higher. The internet provides a record of intrusions, so it is always best to check in on your accounts when news breaks that hackers have been at it again.

  • Check them everyday.

    I check my online accounts almost everyday to ensure that they have not been hacked. I also tend to change my passwords regularly in order to keep a heightened security. Many people do not seem to realize how easy it is to have accounts hacked, and these and many other ways can help keep accounts safe.

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